Wednesday with Ben: Oct. 22

Ben Roethlisberger met with the media Wednesday. Here's what the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers had to say about the team's upcoming game against the New York Giants and quarterback Eli Manning:

Ben Roethlisberger met with the media Wednesday. Here's what the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers had to say about the team's upcoming game against the New York Giants and quarterback Eli Manning:

What do you remember about that first game you had against the Giants in your rookie season?

I don't remember a lot about that game. I think we won, it was my rookie year, so we had to have won. We both have come a long way, obviously we both have won Super Bowls. It's fun watching him grow and get better as a fellow quarterback and guy from the same draft class.

Is there a friendly rivalry from those guys in your draft class?

No, I really don't know those guys that well to call them up and talk about who's won this many or that many. There's always that little thing inside you that wants to be the best, so I've got to get another Super Bowl before he does.

Are you impressed with the way he's handled the media crush in New York?

There's no way their media is any deadlier than you guys. Obviously, he's done a good job. You never hear anything negative about him. There's a lot of stuff going on last year or two years ago with Tiki (Barber) and the coach and all that stuff. But he's handled himself well in a very tough market.

Are you a fan of his?

I think he's a great player. He's done some good things. I do, I enjoy watching him play.

What about the Giants and the challenge that you face with their defense?

Obviously they are a very good defense. They're very tough up front and in the secondary. They'll bring a lot of different blitzes at you, a lot of Philadelphia stuff. We'll have to go back and watch some of that tape and communicate and be prepared.

Will you watch tape of their game against Cleveland?

We'll watch it, but I think we'll have to watch more of Philadelphia playing us because that's what we're going to see a lot of. You've got to watch some different games to try to get and get a feel of what they're going to be doing because they're a a good defense, they're always going to be trying something different.

Have you gotten used to seeing Plaxico (Burress) in another uniform?

It is. It was at first, now I've gotten used to it and he looks good in that blue. But it was always tough when he left because he was a friend and a great player. He made me better and I was blessed to play with him for the year. I was sad to see him go but it's fun to watch how he's done up there in New York.

What are those guys seeing a year after winning a Super Bowl?

It's the same thing we saw. After you win a Super Bowl, that bullseye is on your chest. They're getting everybody's best shot and it's well deserved.

Is there anything about Plax's game that has gotten better or different from when he was here?

I think Plax was phenomenal when he was here so it's hard to say that he's gotten any better. He just continues to make plays and that doesn't surprise me because I know how good he was.

What does Eli do that doesn't allow him to get sacked?

I think his offensive line helps with that, but I also think he does a great job of sliding in the pocket. He's kind of like his brother. He can communicate well and get guys in certain areas. And even when guys do get free, he can slide and get rid of the ball.

Do you think Plax was misunderstood when he was here?

No question. I always thought Plax was one of the best players we had and I always thought the fans gave him a short leash, if you will, and not really getting the fair end of the stick. He seems to be happy now and I'm happy for him.

Is there anything different about this game because they are the defending Super Bowl champs?

I see it as just two good teams going at it. Forget the Super Bowl stuff, it's more about two 5-1 teams in a powerhouse slugfest. It will be a good game, I hope. Hopefully, we come out on top and we'll see what happens.

Does it anger you when you hear about other people talking about bounties in the league?

Yeah, you never like to see anyone get hurt. That's tough.

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