Post-game with Mike Tomlin

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin addressed the media following his team's 23-6 win over the Washington Redskins Monday night.

Mike Tomlin, coach, Pittsburgh Steelers

Boy, great team win for us tonight. Guys showed some resiliency and played 60 minutes of football. By no means did it start the way we liked. We're far from perfect. We make no bones about that, but we are a team, one that sticks together and makes the plays at times that need to be made. Another example of a guy stepping up and answering the call tonight due to an opportunity: Byron Leftwich came home tonight, D.C., and put together a winning performance for us. He's a popular guy right now in that locker room. But we'll keep it in perspective and put it with the other ones. We have a short week this week, the Indianapolis Colts coming to town; so be it.

Q: How's Ben Roethlisberger?

A: I have no update on Ben at this point. I'm sure you guys will have more information at the press conference tomorrow morning. Potentially, he was capable of going back in the game, but we went down the field with Leftwich to start the second half. We'll just see how he is. I don't know how it transpired. We'll have more information for you tomorrow.

Q: Gee, golly, the defense was good.

A: That's our defense. That's why we don't fear being aggressive. That first call of the game, that kickoff, that was on me. I wanted to have an opportunity to let these guys know we're coming and we're coming to win. Didn't work out for us, but we've got a good defense. Every week these guys face a test: No. 1 rushing offense the week before and came back against the No. 2 (rushing) offense and Clinton Portis tonight. That guy is a great back and that is a great offense but these guys responded to the challenge.

Q: Glad to see that interception streak come to an end?

A: Aw, geez, I could care less about that. We were just concerned with winning.

Q: What about the punt block?

A: Same thing. We came into this game knowing we were going to play aggressively, and we did that. We wanted to be a factor in the kicking game, worked on it all week and the guys had a great mentality about it and made a great play, no question one of the big-time plays in the game.

Q: What about your offense?

A: They're a good unit. We knew the sledding was going to be tough at times. Teams that hit big plays got a chance to separate themselves. We've been pretty good at getting big plays; we've been pretty good at stopping them.

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