Quickie Q&A: Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis was the Pittsburgh Steelers' third-round draft pick, but was active for only five games this season and didn't record any statistics. However, the season wasn't a wash for the outside linebacker.

Bruce Davis, linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: What do you think of all this?

Davis: It's all new to me. I just want to keep my mouth closed and watch the vets: How they carry themselves, how they practice, how they play in the games. Really, this is a learning experience for me.

Q: Are you disappointed in this season?

Davis: Yeah, a little bit. I had to go back for school during OTAs so I missed a big chunk right there. I really got behind and I didn't know my stuff as well as I should have. I've only got myself to blame for that. I fell behind, only dressed five games out of the year. It's kind of disappointing being a third-round pick when at every level of football, besides here, I've been one of the best players on the team. Now it's not like that. I mean, it was a bit of an adjustment earlier but at the same time, it makes it a little easier when you know you're playing behind the NFL's Defensive MVP and guys like LaMarr Woodley. I was kind of upset about it at first, but I'm taking it as a learning experience and I'm keeping my eyes open at all times.

Q: You're also playing behind an undrafted rookie who won team Rookie of the Year. Does that add to the disappointment?

Davis: No. I'm not playing and that's my problem. I don't look at others to be frustrated. It's just the situation I'm in. Now I know everything in the defense, all my responsibilities, all my checks. I know all that stuff. In that sense, it's been a good year. I know all the signals, all the calls, all the checks.

Q: You look bigger. Have you grown physically as well?

Davis: I weigh about 255 now. That's the biggest I've ever been. And I think now more so than when I finished school, I'm more physically capable of going out there and playing against 300-plus pounders every week. This year, like I said, has been a learning experience. I hit the weights hard.

Q: Ever hit the weights this hard?

Davis: I did but it was different. It's just different when you get to the NFL, because the expectations are different, the standard is different. You're playing against college All-Americans every day, the best football players on the planet. Now I feel like I'm physically capable of doing that.

Troy Polamalu (next locker): So it's just like playing USC every week?

Davis: Oh no, that's not what I meant.

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