The Complete Power Core Rankings Week 16

A big win and dreams of a Turnpike Bowl get closer every week.<p> <b>1. Philadelphia –</b> Big game against NY Giants. A win gives them the No. 1 seed. A loss might move them all the way down to No. 3.<p> <b>2. Green Bay –</b> Outlasted a feisty Buffalo team at Lambeau. <p>

3. Oakland Almost let the Broncos sneak up on them. Almost.

4. Tennessee That chip on their shoulder is as loud as a Dorito crunch.

5. San Francisco The Niners could end up with the No. 3 seed if they're lucky.

6. Pittsburgh Monday night showed why the Steelers may still be the best in the AFC.

7. Tampa Bay Someone forgot to tell Warren Sapp when the game started.

8. Miami If they have to play on the road in the playoffs, it will be goodnight Gracie.

9. Atlanta Rebounding from the hiccup at home two weeks ago.

10. NY Jets And Gang Green just may win the East.

11. Kansas City Big jump because the Chiefs have a great shot at the playoffs.

12. NY Giants Big win in Indy puts them on the list.

13. Denver Thankful that their final game is against woeful Arizona.

14. Indianapolis Should get in the playoffs this week, but limping like a wounded dog.

15. Cleveland Won't get division and now must face desperate Falcons team. See you next September.

16. New England Where is a snowstorm when you need one?

17. New Orleans Jim Haslett's job may be in jeopardy after another late season collapse.

18. San Diego Another late season collapse. Maybe it wasn't the coach after all.

19. Buffalo Reminded the Packers that they know how to play in cold weather too.

20. Baltimore If I'm Chris McAlister, how do I explain the unnecessary roughness penalty? I run and hide…like a coward.

21. St. Louis Now Marc Bulger won't play the final game of the season due to injury. You think he's trade bait?

22. Seattle How did Seattle win this game? Only Houston over Pittsburgh makes less sense.

23. Jacksonville Newsflash: Mark Brunell hurt…again.

24. Carolina The most unimpressive 6 – 9 team this year.

25. Minnesota 89-year old Gary Anderson kicks a 53-yarder to win. Last time he kicked that far was 1989 in the Astrodome, in overtime, winning the wild-card game for the Steelers.

26. Washington Please let Deion go. The country wants to see him burned deep.

27. Chicago Newsflash: Chris Chandler hurt…again.

28. Dallas Bill Parcells wants a challenge. And a big challenge it will be.

29. Houston – May save their last upset for Tennessee.

30. Arizona – Jake, this off-season, run away. Far away. Far, far away.

31. Detroit Lion Football Motto: Roll over and play dead.

32. Cincinnati I'm not moving them just because they win every 11 games or so.

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