The Complete Power Core Rankings Final

Well, at the time I thought I was pretty darn smart, but as you can tell, I wasn't even close. Here's how I ranked the top twelve teams back at the start of Week 1:<p>

1. St. Louis
2. Pittsburgh
3. Philadelphia
4. Green Bay
5. Miami
6. New England
7. San Francisco
8. Chicago
9. Oakland
10. Tampa Bay
11. Seattle
12. Indianapolis

Of course I could also blame it on parity.

1. Philadelphia – This team may be destined to win it all, with everything they've gone through. Sounds like Pittsburgh last year…

2. Oakland – I can't help remembering the thrashing they put on Tennessee earlier in the season.

3. Tennessee – The road to the Super Bowl may just end up going through Nashville.

 4. Pittsburgh – The Steelers look like they could go all the way or be out by Monday.

5. NY Jets Earned this AFC East title the hard way.

6. Tampa Bay – Took advantage of the Packers' folly by putting away Bears.

7. Green Bay – The Pack looked awfully lethargic on Sunday. One game at Lambeau won't get them to the Super Bowl.

8. NY Giants They have the best chance of an upset in the Wild Card Weekend.

9. Indianapolis – Don't have a prayer on Saturday. But Dungy's brought hope back to Indy.

10. San Francisco – Meaningless game Monday Night. Still, they didn't put up a good show.

11. Cleveland The Browns better learn their lesson from 1994 or they'll be knocked out this weekend.

12. Atlanta Limping into the playoffs because someone's figured out Vick.

13. New England – Schedule was murder. But, they didn't have the passion this year.

14. Denver After the strong start, "disappointing" is the only way to describe the result.

15. Miami – They had their chances. Had them all year. And once again, they swoon in December.

16. San Diego Doesn't matter if it's Flutie or Brees, this team can't finish.

17. New Orleans 1-year fade is usually the player's fault. 2-year fades are usually the coach's fault.

18. Baltimore $17 Million under the cap. The possibilities are endless.

19. Kansas City Not enough offense without Priest Holmes.

20. St. Louis – Big decisions on the quarterback situation. They better make the right decision.

21. Buffalo Bledsoe can take solace in the fact that his former teammates are also home in January.

22. Carolina The Panthers helped make the NFC South the most surprising conference of the year.

23. Seattle – Late season heroics may not help Mike Holmgrem's job situation.

24. Jacksonville Goodbye Tom Coughlin.

25. Washington Finally beat the Cowboys. Did Snyder get the game ball as promised?

 26. DallasServing up some Tuna-fish delight.

27. HoustonTexans gave many teams a competitive game this year. They should be applauded.

28. Chicago – If they're smart, they'll pick up Plummer and draft a quarterback.

29. ArizonaGoodbye Jake. Don't let the door hit Arizona on the way out.

30. MinnesotaPretty hot team down the stretch. Fix that defense and they've got a shot.

31. DetroitMarty Morehenwig still hasn't been fired. Why?

32. CincinnatiCarson Palmer, welcome to Hell.

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