Mike Tomlin transcript

The Steelers finished Thursday's practice with some new developments. Here's Coach Mike Tomlin:

Mike Tomlin, coach, Pittsburgh Steelers

MT: I want to address some new issues. Sean McHugh had a little swelling in his left knee. We're getting him taken a look at. I don't anticipate him being long. Same thing with LaMarr Woodley with his right knee. Those guys were out this afternoon. Some of the other guys, Sonny Harris (groin) is getting a little closer to getting back. Mewelde Moore and Martin Nance are going to be a few days with those hamstrings. Troy (Polamalu, hamstring) of course is going to be ready to go. Deshea (Townsend) is getting the same thing looked at in terms of his hamstring. Darnell Stapleton is going to have his knee scoped tomorrow morning. We'll have more information for you after that's completed.

What happened this afternoon, I thought it was a very good practice. They're growing. The situational football things, the two-minute offense, the games within the game, some of the critical things, we were able to address offensively and defensively. Added the element of the officials today and that was good for us. It was a productive day. I continue to like the energy and enthusiasm the guys are providing, and we'll continue to march forward.

Q: How long do you expect Darnell to be out?

MT: We'll see after tomorrow morning. We're going to clean it up and go from there.

Q: Woodley's had a quiet camp. Have you had the wraps on him? Doesn't seem like he's participating in pass-rush drills.

MT: He has. Every day that James Harrison has done it, he's done it. We pair those two together. I think both of them have both had two days of Oline/Dline one-on-one pass rush. We haven't slowed him down whatsoever, and really this is the first of this thing being an issue at all.

Q: Didn't Hines Ward participate in some drills today?

MT: A little bit. We just got tired of Hines coaching a little bit and we put a helmet on him and let him go out there and make a few plays for us.

Q: It looked like he spent his time coaching the officials instead.

MT: Well, he's in midseason form in that regard.

Q: How have you instructed players on new rules?

MT: We kind of do it in stages. As part of the offseason program, we bring those guys and informally coach the rules change and points of emphasis. At that time, we acknowledge the officials have summer meetings and there might be adjustments. We bring the officials in and they'll provide a presentation tomorrow afternoon to give us the latest, and then we'll proceed forward with an understanding of the rules.

Q: Did you see John Calipari here?

MT: I did. He's a nice guy and I of course respect what he's done in the basketball arena. Good to have him as a guest here today. I understand he's a Western PA guy, like myself.

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