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<b>Super Bowl XXXVII<br><br> Oakland Raiders vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers</b>

Super Bowl XXXVII Teams Playoff Stats
TeamSuper Bowl RecordLeading Passer Leading ReceiverLeading RusherNet Passing Net RushingSacksInts.Take-
Oakland Raiders 3-1Rich Gannon 49/71, 569,
5TDs, 1INT
Porter 10/175, 2TDs
Charlie Garner 28/129, 0TDs 5582165262
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0Brad Johnson 35/64, 455, 3TDs, 2INTsKeyshawn
Mike Alstott 34/80, 3TDs 4251115483

Oakland Raiders vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6:00 pm EST at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA.
Weather Forecast: Partly Sunny. High of 72. Low of 53.

The Raiders can win if:

  1. Jerry Porter continues to burn defenses deep.
  2. Charlie Garner gets the offense 70 yards.
  3. Rich Gannon can avoid costly turnovers a la Donovan McNabb.

The Bucs can win if:

  1. They jam Oakland's receivers at the line, forcing Gannon to be perfect all game.
  2. Allow less than 20 completions.
  3. Win the turnover battle decisively.

Key Match-up: Jerry Porter vs. Joe Jurevicius

Outlook: The Raider Nation flips the bird at NFL fans across the world. Raiders by 4.

Super Bowl Notes:

  • This is the third Super Bowl to be held in San Diego. The last Super Bowl in SD was Super Bowl XXXII on Jan. 25, 1998, and before that, XXII on Jan. 31, 1988.
    Currently the city of New Orleans (9: Tulane Stadium 3, Louisiana Superdome 6) holds the record for the most times hosting the Super Bowl. NO is followed by Miami (8: Orange Bowl 5, Pro Player Stadium [formerly Joe Robbie Stadium] 3); Los Angeles (7: Los Angeles Coliseum 2, Rose Bowl 5); Tampa Bay (2); Atlanta (2); Arizona (1); Detroit (1) Houston (1); Minneapolis (1); Stanford (1).
  • Tampa is considered the home team and will get to choose its jersey color.
  • The next three Super Bowl sites are Houston (2004), Jacksonville (2005), and Detroit (2006).

Championship Game Notes:

  • Joe Buck and Co. made a very strong push to end up No. 1 on my soon to be released end-of-season broadcaster rankings. Buck's dry, sarcastic humor works well with Cris Collinsworth's grainy style and Troy Aikman's smooth delivery.
  • Aikman probably isn't ready just yet to take the color analyst job all to himself, but like Phil Simms he's very easy on the ears.
  • Dick Enberg deserves to be calling the game on the No. 1 team. Gumble is just too uninspired. Simms seems to draw off the play-by-play man. If you don't believe me, watch an old tape of Simms and Enberg working together and compare it to Simms nowadays. The intellect is there, but the energy isn't.
  • Buck's humor was a riot during the referee stoppages. At one point he commented sarcastically that Terry McAulay taking the time to inform the whole stadium that he was going to review a play was "just so helpful."
  • Steve McNair didn't throw an interception in the championship game and in some ways outplayed Rich Gannon. It's too bad that McNair's teammates couldn't hold onto the ball.
  • Oakland hits harder than any team I've watched this year.
  • The Bucs took the slap to the face early and responded very well. The Eagles expected them to roll over after that first touchdown in the same way Tony Dungy's old Bucs did.
  • I'm willing to bet that Jerry Rice will retire with a win this Sunday. Tim Brown may go too. The Raiders are $45 million over the cap and those guys have their final chance. Besides, Rice took some of the biggest shots that I've ever seen him take on Sunday. His body must be screaming bloody murder.

--The Steel Apple

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