Quickie Q&A: Bruce Arians

Following Tuesday's practice, Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians met with the media. Here's a partial transcript:

Bruce Arians, offensive coordinator, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: How'd Frank Summers do today?

A: I haven't seen him in so long it's hard to say.

Q: What made you put him at fullback?

A: He was a good fullback runner, explosive body type, and he's naturally built for the position. You've got to have position flexibility if you're going to dress on Sunday.

Q: Does he need to get on the field this week?

A: Yeah. For me.

Q: When you argue for guys on cutdown day, what's the difference between an experienced vet and a young guy with upside?

A: Each and every one's different. Each case and scenario is different. It might be the group that he's in. His maturity factor's huge. You always want the best players, but you want the guys who are going to prepare and be ready when their name's called. If he's going to be a backup, he better be a guy who's very reliable.

Q: Mike Tomlin compared Doug Legursky to Darnell Stapleton. How's Legursky doing?

A: He's doing outstanding. They're very similar. They were center-guard guys in college. They played a lot of football in college. People might've said they were short. They're not little, they're short and sometimes that's an advantage. He hung in there very well against Washington, and this past week, too, playing center. Again, he's a position-flexible guy who's been in our system. We like Doug a lot – smart, tough guy.

Q: Will he play guard this week?

A: We're going to try to play him more at guard because he got a lot of center work last week.

Q: How's A.Q. Shipley doing?

A: OK. This will be a big game for him, too.

Q: Will Tank get a shot at goal line as a runner this week?

A: Depends on his legs. See how this thing's going. He wouldn't be with the first group, no.

Q: Is Limas Sweed the No. 3 wide reciever?

A: I need to see more. It might be 3a and 3b depending on our package, what we're asking of those guys. I'm not saying either one's beat the other guy out. They'll both be playing a lot.

Q: Surprised at how David Johnson's playing tight end?

A: No. It was on tape, everything that we've asked him to do. He was a move guy, a lead blocker, caught the ball well. The thing that surprised me is he handles big defensive ends as well as he does at a young age.

Q: So they have tape at Arkansas State?

A: Oh, yeah. Randy (Fichtner) and Mike (Tomlin) coached there.

Q: Did they have connections that led you to draft Johnson?

A: No, not that I know of.

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