Quotebook: Steelers talk about loss to Bears

There were plenty of long faces in the Steelers locker room following their 17-14 loss to the Bears.

Head coach Mike Tomlin

Have you talked to Jeff Reed yet?

I haven't talked to Jeff yet about why he missed two kicks. Of course, this is uncharacteristic of him. He just kicked the game winner in overtime last week, and that's what we're used to. We aren't used to what happened with him today.

Your running game stuggled again at times. Are you concerned about that?

I'm not overly concerned about what is written or said about our running game. We are just trying to play, and play to win. We don't blink. We've got a commitment to doing what it is we do, and doing it how we do it. The end result is the end result. I'm not going to pat myself on the back because we ran for a decent amount of yards today. We lost the football game. I'd rather run for no yards and win.

Placekicker Jeff Reed

What happened on the two missed kicks?

There's no excuse. First of all, I want to congratulate Robbie (Gould) for making the game-winner. I've been in those shoes plenty of times, and I know how great he feels right now, as opposed to how I feel. There's no excuse. I missed two kicks. Actually, what it was is that I was trying too hard on both of them and ended up hooking them. I thought the first one was going to sneak in, but I didn't give the second one a chance. I'm just embarrassed because these guys fought their tails off to win the game. If there's one player who can single-handedly lose the game, then I'll take credit for it. I know it's a team game; I'm always the first one to give credit to the guys if I hit a game-winner – the whole team – because they got me in position. But, I was down there twice, and both were makeable field goals. I don't care where I was kicking or what the conditions are. If I'm on the field, I have a fair chance to make a kick. It's a terrible feeling, but at the same time you have to fight another day.

Did the weather conditions factor into the misses?

It was a bad field, but we play on a field at Heinz field that isn't that great, and I've been fine there. It's not an excuse; I didn't slip; I missed two kicks.

Linebacker James Farrior

Ten of their points came at the end of the halves, that's something that usually doesn't happen to you guys. Is that a concern?

That's definitely something we've got to work on. We can't let teams score before the half or at the end of games, obviously. They made some plays, so you've got to give them credit.

What do you say to Jeff, anything at all?

I don't say nothing to him. I don't talk to them. I know they've got a job to do and they don't need anybody else in their face trying to tell them what to do. We've got all the confidence in the world. That's not why we lost the game, because we missed a field goal.

It seemed like they were attacking the middle of the field a little bit, is that just how it worked out?

I guess. We left some guys open and had a couple of mental errors and that's what gets you beat.

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes

What happened on the pass in the end zone?

(Charles Tillman) tapped it just enough to throw the ball off its course of landing where it was supposed to.

So he got a hand on the ball?

Yeah, just enough to deflect it. I was watching the tip of the ball all the way in and had my hands in the right position. He just got enough of it to change the direction a little.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

What will you say to Jeff Reed?

I have all the confidence in the world that next week he could kick a game winner. You never know. We're not down on him one bit.

What did you think of the offense's performance?

I thought that we were good offensively. But, we shot ourselves in the foot too many times. We made a mistake here or there, but overall, I think we did a good job offensively overall.

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