Quickie Q&A: James Harrison

James Harrison, by eyeball estimate, was held on 10 of his 18 rushes Sunday in Chicago. By the same guidelines, LaMarr Woodley wasn't held on any of his 23 rushes. Harrison talked about it Thursday after practice.

James Harrison, linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: Was the Bears game the worst for you in terms of being held?

JH: They even gave me a penalty when I was dragged down into the quarterback's knees.

Q: Your teammates say you were pushed into him.

JH: Yeah. I was pulled down into his knees. But they didn't fine me for that. That was nice of them.

Q: So, one could look at it as you're now being penalized when you're held?

JH: I don't know, man. I don't know what else you gotta do to get a guy to call a hold. I'm not throwing myself to the ground head first. I mean, I don't know.

Q: You did get thrown to the ground headfirst a couple of times. Were you grabbed by the facemask on those?

JH: No. Here's how it is: The definition they gave me is if my feet are past his hips, and his hands are still on me and I'm turning the corner, it's a hold. Well, my feet were past him and his hands were still on me. He's holding me and he's holding onto the inside of my shoulder pad. So as I'm playing, I'm getting yanked down. So I actually tried to like jump to show them when I jump I'm still getting yanked down this way (backward). It's not like I can jump this way (forward) and throw my body this way (backward) at the same time. But, they're just not calling it. And I'm not falling to the ground for the fun of it.

Q: When they explained the rule to you at training camp, did you believe they were going to call holding this year?

JH: I thought we were good. I thought it was cleared up, definitely. I thought it would, but, I mean, just from the last game, I don't know.

Q: Was the last game the worst it's ever been?

JH: Oh, yeah. Definitely. Definitely. The best game that I had, where they actually called it, was the Super Bowl. And I think that was because it was on such a big stage that they called it.

Q: You don't have a sack yet, and I know you're not a numbers guy, but –

JH: I'm not worried about our sack numbers. I mean, you've got quarterbacks that are getting rid of the ball with 3-step drops. And then when you do get the pressure there, they're just chucking and ducking. In Chicago, he had some passes open but he wasn't able to capitalize. They had a grounding, some things like that.

Q: Your teammates say you never complain during the game. How do you not?

JH: What good would it do? Sometimes you can say something to them during a timeout, but nine times out of 10 they say, ‘Yeah, OK,' and then three plays later the same thing happens and they won't call it.

Q: Do you expect this the rest of the year?

JH: I don't know. I started getting used to it last year.

Q: Since they explained their view of holding, with the feet past the hips and all, does it now seem like they did that more to justify holding and their non-calls of it?

JH: I can't do nothing about it. I'll just do my job and hopefully they'll do their job.

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