Steelers-Lions quotebook

The Steelers had plenty to say following their 28-20 win Sunday in Detroit.

William Gay

Q: The corner blitz on back-to-back plays, you don't do that too often.

A: You've got to take your hat off to coach (Dick) LeBeau. He dissected that offense and made some wonderful calls. We executed them and came away with a big win.

Q: When's the last time you came on back-to-back blitzes?

A: Probably last year.

Q: Was it the same call on both plays?

A: Yeah.

Q: That's been something Deshea (Townsend) has come on a lot over the years.

A: You learn from the best. Deshea has been doing it for a long time. He got a sack on that when they played here in the Super Bowl. You see how he does it and you try to do it how he does it.

Q: Were you surprised it was there again after the sack on it the first time?

A: Yeah. I showed it early because I wanted to get there. They still didn't pick me up. I guess they were worried about other pressure, they weren't worried about me.

Q: You made another big play as well, blowing up the bubble screen. You looked right over at Larry (Foote) and did the stomp. Some other guys did that as well. Was that planned?

A: Yeah. Any time we have a player who leaves the team and we're playing him, it's all fun and games. If he has a signature move, we like to do it out of respect.

Q: Do you feel like you closed this one out? You still gave up a fourth quarter touchdown.

A: Closing it out means getting a W. So obviously we closed it out. NFL games are ugly, they're never going to be perfect. We're just trying to do what we do and that's come out on top.

Ryan Clark

Q: What did you think of the blitz calls at the end?

A: Coach LeBeau decided to get aggressive. He decided that if we were going to give up leads, let's give them up being who we are. The drive that they scored on, we were playing a deep zone and they dinked and dunked us down the field and then split us up the middle. Coach LeBeau just got tired of it and said lets bring the heat and guys got home.

Q: Do you think that might change as you go along here, you might bring it more often?

A: Whatever coach LeBeau decides to do. When coach LeBeau makes a call, I go with it. I trust it and try to do my job. He's the best that's ever did it. We know that. Right now teams are moving the ball. But it was good to get a stop at the end of a game bringing some pressure.

Q: You can dial it up, but you still have to execute it. What was different today?

A: I think guys wanted to get home. They understood the urgency of the situation. It was a position we shouldn't have been in. But when he called it, guys were excited. They were ready to go and they got there.

Q: The pressure was there early in the game as well.

A: I think the biggest thing was that they couldn't block James (Harrison). If you watched the game, that guy had a hard time blocking James and he was bringing pressure all day. I think it got (Daunte) Culpepper kind of antsy and it got them out of their game. They started calling a lot of screens and running draws on third downs. I've got to tip my hat to Deebo for doing what he did.

Q: They hit you with a lot of screens and converted some third downs. Was that because of overpursuit?

A: I think they tried to slow us down with that. It works when you can hit us where the pressure is coming from because obviously those guys are coming and overrun the screens sometimes. But overall, if you look at the number of points we gave up, it was not an awesome day, but it was not a bad day.

James Farrior

Q: Was that corner blitz new?

A: No, that's our same stuff. We run that all that time, it's just that sometimes it just doesn't get home and y'all think we aren't running it. But we run it a lot. Today it worked perfect. We had good pressure throughout the game, we just let Culpepper get out of the pocket a couple of times. But he's a good quarterback, a good scrambler. We have to be prepared for that, but he did a good job.

Q: Do you recall running that corner blitz on back-to-back plays?

A: Man, we've done it a whole series before. Ya'll gotta pay attention. We do that. We do that a lot.

Q: That's the first time I've seen Willie do it though.

A: It's been Ike this year a lot. But I think it just works out that way. I think it goes by how they show up in that formation.

Q: Was the success on the screens they were having from overpursuit or getting caught upfield?

A: I think it was a lot of technique errors. Those are hustle plays, screen plays and draw plays, stuff like that. We've got to get all 11 people running to the ball in order to have success against that. We've got to have a lot more hustle out there on those plays.

Q: Is that frustrating for a defense when they hit you with a screen like that on third-and-long?

A: It's a part of the game. I think our defense is used to seeing stuff like that. We've been getting it for a while now. It's not the first game we've had where a team tried to do that a lot. You've got to be able to adjust on the run. They didn't get into the end zone too many times, so I think we did a pretty good job.

James Harrison

Q: You finished that off and that's something you hadn't been doing in some of those games.

A: Yeah. We finished it better than we have, but it's still not at the level where it needs to be.

Q: Why not?

A: We still let them go down the field and score a touchdown to make it close.

Q: You were getting a lot of pressure early, did they adjust?

A: They started keeping a back in for a chip so I had to bull rush more to get through the chipper. I got a little tired and had to come out a play here and there, but for the most part, we got pretty consistent pressure.

Q: That's how you got the last sack, on a bull rush?

A: Yeah.

Q: Were the screens a response to that?

A: The screens were a response to our pressure. They were trying to find a way to get away from it and the screens and draws were working.

Q: You were in a position late where they couldn't do that.

A: Yeah, they couldn't do that at the end, especially with the down and distance from the sacks we were getting.

Q: Was it just a matter of time before the pass rush started producing?

A: I think it's producing with sacks. Before, we were just getting pressure. Now, we're getting all the way through and finishing the play with a sack.

Hines Ward

Q: Did fan noise make a difference in the fourth quarter?

A: No question. They got loud and then part of the Lions fans tried to get louder than our fans, so it just added on extra stuff for the offense, but all in all we try to be a great road team and today we got our first win and hopefully we can build on it.

Q: Ben (Roethlisberger) seemed to spread the ball around well.

A: That's what we do. We've got a lot of playmaker ability at the skill positions, so Ben was going back and reading coverages and spreading the ball around and it's only going to help us get better offensively. Mendenhall ran the ball well tonight, so offensively we started off a little slow but I think we did what needed to get done.

Q: What was it like playing against Larry Foote?

A: He's always a Steeler. He's welcome whenever. Last night a couple guys went to his house and ate dinner with his family and kids, so we still love Foote. I was out there joking with him and stuff like that, trash talking him. We love Foote. It's unfortunate things couldn't work out so he could be with this organization, but regardless of whatever you say, he's still a part of this organization and we love him.

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