Q&A: Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu strained his left posterior cruciate ligament last Sunday, and is questionable for this week's game in Kansas City. He played a cat-and-mouse game with reporters trying to get the scoop on Thursday.

Troy Polamalu, safety, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: Matt Cassell talked yesterday about going to college with you. What kind of a housemate was he?

A: If he said I was clean that means he was dirty (laughs). He was actually right next to me. He was great. He's a funny guy, a really outgoing guy with a wonderful wife.

Q: He said he was a tight end back then.

A: Yeah, he was playing everything. He's a really good athlete like Ben (Roethlisberger) is. He can do all that stuff. He was a really good baseball player.

Q: How did you hurt your knee Sunday?

A: I have to refer all of the knee questions to Coach (Mike) Tomlin.

Q: Even that one?

A: All of them. I'm sorry.

Q: Did you know it was hurt as soon as it happened?

A: (Laughs) I love how you guys try to snake your way in there. I'm sorry. I can't.

Q: They taught snaking in the third year of journalism school.

A: (Laughs).

Q: Marvin Lewis said it was a couple series before he realized you weren't on the field. Do you think that's ever the case?

A: (Shrugs shoulders).

Q: Todd Haley followed that up by saying Tyrone Carter's hair fooled him for a couple series, too. Does Ty play similarly enough to you that that could possibly be the case?

A: Yeah there are a lot of things that Tyrone has that I lack. Every time I'm in the game and then go to the sidelines, he's in my ear about the previous drive and where I could improve and what to look out for.

Q: What are his strengths that you lack?

A: He's a great tackler.

Q: Is he a better tackler than you?

A: Oh, yeah, no question. I think as far as the way that he's always coaching me on the sidelines, he's been a tremendous help to our team.

Q: The way you were playing, you'd looked like you were completely over your first knee injury. Is that how you felt going into the game Sunday?

A: Yes, each week it's been feeling better and better.

Q: Then how frustrating is it to have another injury?

A: Is that fourth year journalism school?

Q: I wasn't asking about the injury. I'm asking about your level of frustration.

A: Who says there's even a real knee injury first of all? (Laughs)

Q: Is there any frustration?

A: Of course I want to play football.

Q: Matt Cassell also said you were really outgoing. When did that change?

A: (Laughs).

Q: The overwhelming opinion is that you should sit this one out even if medically cleared because this week you play the lowly Chiefs and next week is the Ravens. Isn't that a dangerous way to look at this game?

A: Yeah, no question that is. I think for example if it was Ben, or anybody, you can't take for granted the NFL and the challenges each week brings around. I know there were some times in my rookie year when we weren't that good that we still felt that we could challenge anybody. And I'm sure they feel the same way.

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