Hines Ward responds

Hines Ward responded Wednesday to the media firestorm surrounding his pre-game interview with NBC's Bob Costas before Sunday night's game. Here's Hines:

Hines Ward, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: Did your remarks carry more weight because they came from you?

A: I don't know. I think it carries more weight because it was something to talk about. Nobody even talked about the loss. It was more a leader going against another leader on the team. I think that was more news than anything.

Looking back on the interview, what I thought I said, is how people interpret it. Some people interpret it totally different. If you play it in a room with a hundred people, 50 people may take it one way and 50 people may not take it any way. When I'm sitting at home and watching the [ESPN] polls and stuff like that, I was ‘Let me give Ben a call and just set the record straight.' We talked for a long time. The issue's resolved. There's no dispute amongst the locker room. I just apologized to the guys and answer the questions. It's just part of how it goes.

People in the media rolled with it. It was the topic of every radio station in Pittsburgh, on the news in general. It was almost the same situation when he said he wanted tall receivers. He called us and let us know, ‘Don't take that in offense. I was speaking in general. I wasn't speaking negative of you and Tone [Holmes]. I love you guys.' It's the same situation, same similar situation. We moved on from it. There's no issue in this locker room. There's no division in this locker room. Guys, we know what's at stake. We're trying to go out there and beat Oakland. That's what we're focused on.

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