Live From Indy --- Sunday

Breaking news and notes from the NFL combine. Get info on 2003's top draft prospects live from Indianapolis.<br><br> Follow the QB's, Db's, and other little tib-bits over the next two days. <br><br> Pittsburgh Steelers' 2 key positions should be QB and DB.

Full reports will be posted very soon.

Post Time 3:17 PM--TE 

LJ Smith - Rutgers: Ran a pair of 4.6 range 40s

Aaron Walker - Florida: Also ran in the 4.6 range 40

Robert Johnson - Auburn: Good practice, barely broke 5.0 in the 40

George Wrighster - Oregon: Stood out in workouts, but did not run the 40's

Jason Witten - Tennessee: Did not run the 40, but looked very good in workouts.

Post Time 1:12 PM--QB ( second group )

Dave Ragone - Louisville: best session of any qb and may have landed in the first round.

Carson Palmer - USC: Threw well as per usual

Chris Simms - Texas: Showed Flashes, nothing consistent.

Brian St Pierre - Boston College: Showed spurts, like Simms nothing consistent.

Kareem Kelly - USC: Ran in the mid 4.4

Second session of WR's showed no speed at all.

J.R. Tolver - San Diego St.: Ran slower than most of the Qbs

Charles Rogers - Michigan State: No Workouts, No Nothing ........ and nothing planned at this time at the RCA dome.

Kelley Washington - Tennessee: Did not take part in "anything"

Post Time 11:08 AM--QB ( first group )

Rex Grossman - Florida: Not what scouts were expecting, just average session.

Ken Dorsey - Miami (FL): Average session, did not show anything special


Talman Gardner - Florida State - Inconsistent hands, not making a good impression.

Brandon Lloyd - Illinois: Still running slow, but catching the ball very well.

Anquan Boldin - Florida St: Another session, and another very poor performance

Teyo Johnson - Looking a step slow again, needs to pick the speed up for scouts to notice him.

Post Time 9:59 AM--WR ( first group )

Tyrone Calico - Middle Tennessee: clocked fastest, 4.33 ( mid) depending on who ran the watch.

Ryan Hoag - Gustavas College: Ran well and got noticed

Kevin Curtis - Utah St.: Worked out well

Brandon Lloyd - Illinois: Ran much slower than expected

Anquan Boldin - Florida St: Preformed Terribly

Andre Johnson - Miami ( FL ): Did not run

Teyo Johnson - Stanford: Did not run

Post Time 8:48 AM--LB ( first group )

Chaun Thomas - West Texas A&M: Best session of all, completed 29 reps.

Keyon Whiteside - Tennessee: 27 Reps at the press, trying to impress.

E.J. Henderson -Maryland: Lacked at the bench press, could only complete 20


Colin Branch - Stanford: Shows strength with 22 reps on bench press.

Todd Johnson - Florida: 20 reps on the bench

Charles Drake - Michigan: 20 reps on bench

Brian Mance - Clemson: 18 reps on bench

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