Ask Wex (April 29)

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ToddinSyracuse: What will team chemistry be like if guys like Nick Eason, Charlie Batch, Patrick Bailey, or even Larry Foote get the axe after being resigned? Understand that there are no guarantees, but the locker room may see it differently.

A great locker room is full of players who don't think, they just do. I know that's mainly a management pipe dream, but I think this locker room's full of that mentality.

Ironman63: Any chance for a post-draft chat?

Sure. Let's make it post-minicamp, though. I'll shoot for Monday night.

mrporter2u: It will be interesting with the acquisition of all the special teams players in this draft if Anthony Madison can stick. As we all know, the special teams really took a hit last year and it seemed like the coverage got better when they re-signed Madison. Thoughts?

You're exactly right. One would assume that with all of the noise coming from the coach about special teams coverage that Madison would lose his job. But, what they're doing is replacing their best ST linebackers – Andre Frazier and Patrick Bailey – with rookies and/or CFL players. No one, to my knowledge, can take away Madison's job except maybe the 5b pick, Crezdon Butler. Even if it's Joe Burnett and Keenan Lewis, they're unproven as gunners and here we go again.

mrporter2u: Seems like a tough row to hoe for Stefan Logan as well, but he was solid in returns last year. Who do you see as the Steelers return guys or guy in 2010?

In the first OTAs, Antwaan Randle El worked back there with Logan. Both provide ball security, with Randle El probably having the edge there as well as having a position to play on game day. Logan may be quicker, and probably has more deep speed. Burnett must also factor in here on punt returns, and then there are the two rookie WRs, with Antonio Brown having much better college numbers while playing at a similar level of competition at Central Michigan as Emmanuel Sanders at SMU. As for kickoffs, I'm not as sure as I was last spring about Mike Wallace. So KRs remain a big question mark. On Logan's chances, it appears he needs to have a great camp and preseason, and then maybe even some luck on top of that.

Draftnut: What input did Coach (Sean) Kugler have on the process? As the offensive line's overall athleticism isn't very good, why the emphasis on big, strong "phone booth" types at OG? Any insight as to why no team took a chance on OT Tony Washington?

Please don't make me go into Washington here. I suggest you Google his name. I don't know about the rest of the league, but the Steelers certainly didn't want that type of PR. As for Kugler, I don't know about his input. I suspect he's well-respected and his opinion was valued, but assistant coaches are off-limits to the media until training camp so I can't be sure.

As for the body types, if you're talking about the center, they've been wanting size at that position for a few years. And they probably they took the big, slow tackle-to-guard in the fifth round because the mobile ones were long gone – or PR nightmares.

Tannybrown: Which guy drafted after round 4 has the best odds of making the roster? The worst? Can you resist the urge to play bookie and put odds on every player?

Tanny, that sounds like a dare, so here goes: Chris Scott, 5-2; Crezdon Butler, 3-1; Stevenson Sylvester, 2-1; Jonathan Dwyer, 4-5; Antonio Brown, 3-1; Doug Worthington, 8-1.

So, that makes Dwyer a heavy favorite to make the roster and Worthington the longshot. The rest are bunched together.

VandilayIndustries: If Mike Iupati and Maurkice Pouncey had both been available, do you think they still would have gone with Pouncey?

My guess is yes. He seems more like a Tomlin type with his passion for, and understanding of, the game. Perhaps I'll find out for sure this weekend.

Thunderkwb: Who's more likely to start: Byron Leftwich, Charlie Batch or Dennis Dixon?

I'm going with Leftwich. I've heard the OC isn't all that enthralled with Dixon, and I know they liked Leftwich more than Batch last spring. And if Leftwich hooks up deep a few times with Mike Wallace in preseason games, it could interest the coach as an immediate threat that defenses must make priority one.

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