Q&A: Isaac Redman

When we last left running back Isaac Redman, he was the toast of training camp. But after a season on the practice squad, Redman says he's adjusted to his asthma and is now "in 10 times better shape." Here's the rest of his story.

Q: How have things gone since those days of stardom?

A: Everything's been going real well. I've got the playbook down pat, know all my protections, so now I'm just out here working hard, trying to get better, and be in better shape and come in camp ready.

Q: Mike Tomlin said last year that you weren't in good condition. Did he tell you that and what have you done since?

A: Most definitely. Right now I'd say I'm in 10 times better shape than when I went into camp last year. That says a lot because we've still got this whole summer to go and work until camp. I already know for a fact by the time camp starts being in shape is going to be the least of my worries.

Q: What'll be the most of your worries?

A: Just trying to get on this team (laughs).

Q: How bad of shape were you in last year?

A: I wasn't in terrible shape. It was just all the running and the heat and my asthma. With asthma, you've got to be above and beyond good shape. You know you're going to get tired fast. When you get fatigued, when your asthma gets to kicking, there's nothing you can do.

Q: Was that a problem at camp last year?

A: Yeah, it definitely was. So this year I've just been working really hard with Gie (strength coach Garrett Giemont) and so right now I'm in tip-top shape already.

Q: Anyone mention to you that Jerome Bettis had asthma, and have they prescribed some of the same therapies?

A: No, they haven't. They just make sure I have an inhaler, because last camp I didn't bring an inhaler or anything because I don't really like using my inhaler. Sometimes it makes me feel woozy. I just don't like how it makes me feel, so I just figured if I come in in the best shape as possible I should be straight.

Q: How did you get into the best shape possible? Did you do anything different?

A: Last offseason I was working on my own after the OTAs. I was just at home doing my own little stuff. Now that I've had the chance to be here full-time, I haven't left. I haven't gone home but maybe a couple of times, but since the season has been over I've just been here working out the whole time. The running backs coach, Coach Kirb (Wilson), already said ‘I can tell you're already in way better shape than what you were at this time last year.' It's because I was able to stay here the whole time and workout all the way through.

Q: Who do you workout with?

A: It's been a good group of people here all offseason. It's been a lot of people. Me and David Johnson workout a lot together. A lot of the second-year players, most of us have been here. Ziggy Hood's a workout maniac. We've all been trying to get better all offseason.

Q: You received a lot of acclaim last camp. Did that go to your head at all? And did any of your teammates resent all the attention for a guy who hadn't proved anything?

A: I know, in my mind, I didn't think I was better than what I really was or anything like that. I tried my best not to let that go to my head, because I knew that no matter what was said I've still got to make this team. That goes to show, I was put on the practice squad. Everybody likes to get talked good about, get write-ups and all that, but at the end of the day it did nothing for me.

Q: Did you notice if it bothered any of your teammates?

A: Oh, no, not at all. It's not like that around here at all.

Q: What's the difference in your body? Is it weight?

A: I'm actually about the same weight I was last year. I'm more toned. I just toned it up but I'm about 240 right now and I want to come into camp about 235.

Q: Are you much more comfortable and excited about this camp?

A: Oh, most definitely. I can't wait for this camp to come. Anything I did last year is not even going to be compared to what I'm planning on doing this year.

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