DB Eric Brown Visits The Steelers, Q-A

The word was put out early in the day by Coach Bill Cowher: No comments to anyone – anyone, anywhere -- about this guy.<br> <br> The guy is free-agent strong safety Eric Brown, 28, formerly of the Houston Texans, who are putting out the word that the 6-foot, 210-pound Brown is too slow to interest them. The Texans, however, are said to be gauging the interest level from the Steelers today, thus the message from Cowher.

So with the scene set, we look back to the scouting report prior to the Texans-Steelers game last season and find this description: "Eric Brown is aggressive, a hard-hitting guy. They take him out in the nickel for Kevin Williams and I don't know why."

Brown started 15 games for the expansion Texans last season in spite of a shoulder injury. He made 60 tackles and intercepted two passes. He was a 2nd-round draft pick by the Denver Broncos out of Mississippi State in 1998 and made the all-rookie team. He was a four-year starter in Denver before signing with Houston last August as an unrestricted free agent.

Here's the transcript of Brown's interview Wednesday with Pittsburgh reporters:

R: Did they make you an offer?
EB: No, no. Just talking right now.

R: How do you like it here?
EB: Nice. I wouldn't mind becoming a Steeler. Hopefully this will be the last trip I have to go on.

R:  Where have you visited?
EB:I haven't visited anywhere yet, but I did the whole free-agent thing last year and I really don't want to do it again so I'm trying to make a good impression here.

R:  Do you have any place to go after this?
EB: No.

R: What do you like about the organization?
EB: I just like the history behind it. I like how they win. That's most important for me. I want to win. I like the atmosphere of the fans, the defense. I'm saying the Steel Curtain, I'd like to hopefully bring that back some day.

R: Does Houston want you back?
EB: I really don't know. They've expressed that they might want me back but I think it has to do a lot with money.

R: Is this the type of defense you can fit into?
EB: Oh, most definitely. Physical – that's me all the way. Getting up near the line, blitzing, making plays, that's my style of defense.

R:  How's your shoulder?
EB: It's fine. I had a little injury in the middle of the season and came back to finish the game. I got an MRI and the doctor gave me a clean bill of health to play.

R:  What happened last summer that you couldn't sign until August?
EB: Just the market. The market wasn't as good as I thought it would be. A lot of safeties came out and I guess the figures just didn't match up. I ended up waiting too long. It just happened that game.

R:  Were you surprised to win at Heinz Field last year?
EB: Well we knew we had a good defense. We could play, no doubt about it. You guys had a good defense, too. Shut that offense down, too, I believe. 43 yards total offense? Yeah, I'd like to be a part of it.

R: Are you eager to get back to a winning situation?
EB: Definitely. This is an organization that has shown they can go all the way, that maybe is missing a few key elements.

R:  Do you prefer strong or free safety?
EB: I want to be down. I want to be near the line, near the action. If they want the safeties to be interchangeable, we'll be interchangeable. But as far as I'm concerned I want to be up near the line doing what I do. That's how I play.

R: Can you cover?
EB:I've done it all. I've even covered receivers from time to time. It's no problem at all.

By Jim Wexell

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