Wisconsin Badger Pro-Day Results

Complete news from Wisconsin's Pro Day as reported by Ron Whitworth of Badger Nation. 23 NFL teams visited the McClain Center as 11 seniors ran and lifted for pro-scouts. Complete details on the workouts and which teams attended.

The Badgers held their annual Pro Day, giving scouts and coaches an opportunity to test players with NFL hopes.

The following former Badgers participated in the event:
Ben Johnson
Jason Jowers
Ryan Simmons
Jake Sprague
Chad Kuhns
Russ Kuhns
Al Johnson
Brooks Bollinger
Jesse Mayfield
Tarek Saleh
B.J. Tucker

The juniors that participated (players can only run the 40) included:

Ryan Aiello
Kyle McCorison
Jeff Mack
Alex Lewis
Erasmus James

Twenty-Three NFL Teams were represented:
Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers
New York Giants
Cleveland Browns
Miami Dolphins
St. Louis Rams
Buffalo Bills
Cincinnati Bengals
New England Patriots
Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons
New York Jets
Indianapolis Colts
New Orleans Saints
Pittsburgh Steelers
Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings
Seattle Seahawks
Washington Redskins
Houston Texans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jake Sprague, who suffered a knee injury prior to the Alamo Bowl and tweaked his hamstring a few weeks ago, only participated in the bench press. He recorded 30 repetitions, tied for the team high with Russ Kuhns.

Sprague will participate in all the drills in a second Pro Day, to be held around the first week of April. Most of the other NFL hopefuls will participate in selected drills during the second opportunity as well.

Here are the UNOFFICIAL 40-times, according to players, coaches and scouts following the event. The following numbers are the BEST reported numbers heard by Badger Nation:

Russ Kuhns - 4.65
Chad Kuhns - 4.56
Jason Jowers - 5.34
Jesse Mayfield - (no time reported to Badger Nation)
Ryan Simmons - 4.54
Tarek Saleh - 4.70
B.J. Tucker - 4.29
Erik Bickerstaff - 4.47
Brooks Bollinger - 4.75
Al Johnson - 4.98
Ben Johnson - 5.35

Ryan Aiello - 4.71
Kyle McCorison - 4.66
Jeff Mack - 4.73
Alex Lewis - 4.61
Erasmus James - 4.79

Here are the OFFICIAL Bench Press totals for each player. Each player performed their maximum number of repetitions at 225 pounds:

Jesse Mayfield - 17
Jason Jowers - 10
Al Johnson - 18
Jake Sprague - 30
Erik Bickerstaff - 18
Ryan Simmons - 13
Tarek Saleh - 22
Chad Kuhns - 27
Russ Kuhns - 30

Here are thoughts and notes from Ronny Whitmore of Badger Nation

- Brooks Bollinger looked very sharp throwing the football. He said he felt more comfortable being in his home environment and having already gone through the drills at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. His draft stock is still looking very strong.

- Al Johnson feels he will be drafted late in the first round or early in the second round. He would like to be the first center drafted, and feels his ability to play guard in addition to center could make the difference in where he is selected. He was interviewed by 13 different teams in Indianapolis, the majority of which draft very late in the first round or with the first handful of picks in the second round.

- Erik Bickerstaff turned a lot of heads, turning in the top vertical leap of the day, while running a solid 40-time and looking athletic during the drills. Many scouts were asking around about who he was and what his story was.

- B.J. Tucker might have pushed himself into first day status with his sub-4.3 40-time. Tucker said he will run again when the teams return in April, and he is willing to do any drills, any time, for any team that asks.

- Ryan Simmons also showed a lot of athleticism, particularly in the jumping events (his standing broad jump was a 10-5 1/2, just a half-inch worse than Tucker's team best 10-6) and was in phenomenal shape.

- Scouts appeared to be impressed with the speed and athleticism of Chad and Russ Kuhns, and Russ Kuhns' 30 reps on the bench will also turn some heads.

- Ben Johnson, who did not compete in the bench press, was satisfied with his pro agility drill and his three-cone drill performance, but was disappointed in his overall performance. He did not run or jump well, but felt it wouldn't affect his status, particularly because of he fact he performed well in the individual offensive line drills. He said the word he's hearing right now is third or fourth round.

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