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Always a date to be circled on the calendar prior to April's draft, the Miami Hurricane pro-prospects performed in front of the likes of Dom Capers, Matt Millen and Steve Spurrier during their annual NFL timing Day today. Here is the complete story from Coral Gables.

Andre Johnson, who measured in at 6-2/224, was a big winner turning in a vertical jump of 41.5 inches and a 10-foot 9-inch broad jump. The big receiver was timed between 4.28-to-4.39 seconds in the forty depending on whose watch you read. He then ran well in the shuttle clocking a fast 4.06.

Most in attendance feel this performance sealed Johnson's status as a top 6 pick.

As earlier reported Andrew Williams had a strong performance completing 29 repetitions on the bench press and timing in the 4.55-4.60 second range. Jerome McDougle also ran well for the clock turning in times between 4.6-4.7 and solidified himself as a first round choice.

Several in attendance feel McDougle and Williams may project to linebacker (it should be noted both performed linebacker drills at the combine during the alternate skills segment). McDougle weighed in at 261 pounds and turned in a 35-inch vertical jump but a poor 20 repetitions on the bench. For his part Williams weighed 261 and had a 33 inch vertical.

Defensive end Jamaal Green was impressive. Measuring in at 6-2/267, Green ran in the mid 4.7-range, had a 36-inch vertical and impressive 10-0 broad jump. He also benched 225 pounds 27 times.

Defensive tackle William Joseph continued to struggle and fall down charts. Joseph ran poorly turning in 40 times in the 4.95-5.0 range at 303 pounds and completed only 29 repetitions on the bench, one less Matt Walters, who did 30. Walters had a fine time in the forty with a 4.8 clocking and surprised some weighing in at 273-pounds

Linebacker Howard Clark measured in at 6-0/231, ran 4.6 and had a vertical jumped of 36.5. Offensive guard Sherko Haji-Rasouli ran a 5.18 after measuring in at 6-5/309 but only benched 225 pounds 21 times.

Receiver Ethenic Sands was terribly disappointing and the 5-11/180 wide out ran in the mid-4.7's with a 30-inch vertical.

Added- 10PM EST

Building upon our story of the Miami Hurricane Pro-Day from earlier this afternoon, here are a few more tidbits of information we've learned.

Besides testing well Andre Johnson had an effective pass catching session after jumping and running for scouts. We also found out initially it was difficult to measure Johnson's vertical jump as he knocked over the measuring tool on his first swipe.

Sherko Haji-Rasouli was questioned in length about his injury history and the big guard quietly told some he feels he is being given a bad rap because of his prior ailments.

Finally some surprising news. Unbeknownst to us William Joseph is not highly thought of by some around the Miami program. He was described to us in very nasty terms and someone who is disliked. In fact many feel the nice-guy image Joseph presently projects is just a ploy to get him in good graces before the draft.

While we cannot vouch for that thought we fully believe the next statement made to us; he's a guy that simply turns it off and on when he wants to. This explains why Joseph looks so dominant on one play and just ordinary the next snap. It also explains why, after the potential he showed us in 1999, Joseph never became the next great Hurricane lineman we thought possible. It was also pointed out Butch Davis is very aware of it should be interesting to see if the Browns take Joseph should he be staring them in the face when Cleveland is on the clock.

Willis McGahee was walking around the workout with no noticeable limp. McGahee's new agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has announced McGahee will perform a workout for scouts the week before the NFL draft.

Is this possible? Our source said unlikely and doubts McGahee will be effective this year, making this mostly window dressing. But he did state that a good team with multiple picks (Oakland?) will take a chance on the Miami underclassmen sometime during the first day.

Finally, Vernon Carey is said to be in great shape. The junior blocker has been taking 3-to-5 mile power walks and is down around the 320-pound mark from his playing weight of 350-355. In fact we were told Carey looks skinny.

Would he apply for a supplemental draft? No but then again there is always the chance academics could force his hand. We were told as Carey wants to be a top 5 pick in 2004 and is working hard in the weight room and classroom to make it happen.

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