Gus Frerotte Visits The Steelers

Gus Frerotte visits Pittsburgh to offer his services as a veteran backup QB. Frerotte last played for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2002.


Media: Who'd you talk to and what did you think?
Gus Frerotte: I've talked to everybody so far. I just said hi to Coach [Bill] Cowher. I haven't sat down with him yet. I like it. I've been around Pittsburgh for a long time. This is the first time I've toured this new facility. It would be pretty exciting to come back.

M: Is this visit different than the one you made to Pittsburgh a few years ago?
GF: I think it's a different scenario for myself because before I was looking for a chance to compete and I kind of know my role right now. They're looking for a back-up and I could come in and fill that void pretty well.

M: Is it special to you because it's Pittsburgh?
GF: Yeah, of course, just being from here, always being a Steelers fan. Plus when you call home or call relatives you can never hear anything except what the Steelers, the Penguins or the Pirates are doing, so it's always closer to my heart. When I came out of college I interned with the Pirates for awhile, so it would be really nice to come back here and play.

M: Is there room on this team for two Ford City quarterbacks?
GF: I don't know. I saw Timmy [Levcik] down in the locker room before. It would be kind of fun to bring him in and show him the ropes. I remember when I helped his dad put up his first basketball hoop and we had to lower it way down to a small setting 'cause Tim was only about that tall. Now you have to look up to him. It's kind of crazy.

M: Were you guys neighbors?
GF: He grew up about three or four houses from me, so it would be kind of neat to have two guys on an NFL team from the same hometown.

M: Did you ever mentor him?
GF: No our paths really have never crossed until now, just because I've been in the NFL and he was at Robert Morris [University]. I didn't really come home that much in summers to work with him, but it would be a lot of fun to work with him, hopefully be able to teach him a few things.

M: It's assumed they want Charlie Batch as their No. 2 quarterback. Did they mention to you where you fit in?
GF: Yeah, they mentioned that to me. I know Charlie was here. I think in the NFL that's always the way it goes. If you were on a team it's kind of a respect that they offer you a chance to do it first. And I know Charlie wants a chance to start. We'll see what they tell me today; see if their minds have changed at all.

M: Do you have a timetable on anything?
GF: No, not yet.

M: Do you have any other plans?
GF: I visited Minnesota already. My interest level is very high with the Steelers. I'd love to come here and settle here for awhile and be part of a great organization.

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