Stewart and Steinberg avoiding the rush

Kordell Stewart's agent Leigh Steinberg spent Saturday putting together counterproposals to contract offers from the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals.<br><br> "Initially we thought this process would be one that would take several weeks. But the two teams we visited had a more rapid timetable than ours," Steinberg told the Associated Press.

It appears that Steinberg doubts that a deal would be reached over the weekend. "We want to make sure it's the right decision, not a quick one."

Stewart, who lost his starting job with the Steelers last year to Tommy Maddox, was one of three quarterbacks to visit the Bears this week, along with Jake Plummer (who left Arizona) and Jeff Blake.

One day after visiting the Bears, Plummer signed with the Denver Broncos. That made Stewart No. 1 on Chicago's wish list. The Bears have a quarterback opening after releasing Jim Miller last week.

By Dale Lolley

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