Favre is back, but how good is he?

Brett Favre and the Vikings gave NBC impressive TV ratings, but his performance was mediocre or worse. If he doesn't get himself and his team untracked, it could be a long season in Minnesota.

It's never wise to judge a team or a player based on one game, but when the team is the Minnesota Vikings and the player is Brett Favre, well, who can resist the temptation?

The reviews following Thursday night's 14-9 loss to the Super Bowl-champion New Orleans Saints were less than positive. Favre was 15 of 27 passing for 171 yards, and even though he didn't have his favorite receiver, Sidney Rice, to throw to, he looked less than spectacular. Alex Marvez of FOXsports.com called Favre's second half effort (4 of 12, 44 yards) "lousy."

"There's three or four throws that I just missed," Favre told reporters after the game. "I have no excuse. I just missed."

While the NFL must be pleased that Favre is back – the overnight rating on NBC was a 17.7, making it the highest preliminary rating for a regular-season prime-time game in 13 years – you can't help but wonder if he's just warming up or if this is what Vikings fans can expect the rest of the year.

Let's not forget, he's a month away from his 41st birthday. And although he was pinpoint on some of his passes, he also appeared to have a look that said, "Do I really want to be here?"

In a blog posted on NFL.com, Adam Rank wrote: "Announcers used to rave about how much fun Brett Favre used to have on the football field. Did anybody see that joy in his eyes on Thursday night? Favre sure looked like he would have rather been on a porch in Mississippi on Thursday night, instead of floundering against the Saints."

While that assessment might be a little harsh, not to mention premature, it's worth watching how Favre reacts in Week 2 and beyond. He's an old man with a bum ankle who's missing his best receiver. If he can't get the Vikings corrected quickly, there may not be much hope for him or his team.

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