Ochocinco uses Twitter to challenge Ravens

Chad Ochocinco loves his Twitter, but he won't discuss his recent exchanges with two Ravens players during a conference call Wednesday. Did the league tell him to cool it?

For pure football entertainment, nothing beats a Chad Ochocinco touchdown celebration – or,for that matter, a Chad Ochocinco tweet.

Although it has nothing to do with the NFL, Twitter has become the preferred method of social media for many players, none more so than the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver. He is just as likely to invite a few hundred of his Twitter followers to meet him for dinner as he is to inform them that he's about to take another random drug test.

But Ocho was not in a mood to discuss his tweets with the Baltimore media in advance of the Bengals-Ravens game on Sunday. During a conference call with Ravens beat writers Wednesday, he clammed up when asked about his recent Twitter exchanges with Baltimore fullback Le'Ron McClain and running back Willis McGahee.

"I want to talk about this game, not Twitter," Ochocinco said. When someone asked if Bengals coach Marvin Lewis or a league representative had warned him about inflammatory talk with opposing players, he answered, "I want to talk about football. There's a game Sunday."

Actually, the line of questioning seemed appropriate, assuming Ochocinco was serious. One tweet, directed as McGahee, said: "aight this shh done got personal, when i see you on the field i am going straight to the jaw, i will take the fine 4 beatin u up (sic)"

Another, meant for McClain: "dont give a flying (expletive) about your lil slogan, bring the pain crap, GTFOH, you and anybody else got a problem see me Sunday"

So there. Ochocinco sounds like he means business. Should be a good game, even if he doesn't score a touchdown.

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