Vikings' Allen told to sack his act

An innocent post-sack celebration is against the rules, the Vikings' Jared Allen is told. But he doesn't want to curtail his act.

That's entertainment. You'd think so, but the NFL doesn't. That's why the league is clamping down on Minnesota Vikings sackmeister Jared Allen, who likes to punctuate each of his sacks as if he's roping a calf.

It's an innocent celebration, really. Allen drops to one knee, twirls his arms and thrusts them into the air. But it's the knee part the NFL doesn't particularly like.

Actually, it's new vice president of officiating Carl Johnson who doesn't approve of Allen's post-sack demonstration. Before the Minnesota Vikings' Sept. 26 game against the Detroit Lions, he informed the team that Allen is violating a rule every time he puts his knee on the ground to begin his celebration. According to the rule, players are prohibited "from engaging in any celebrations while on the ground."

So, does Allen plan to ditch his act? Not likely.

"Actually I'm going to carry some cardboard with me and slide it underneath my knee going forward," a smiling Allen said Monday. "It's legal, right?"

Doubtful, but maybe this is one instance in which the league needs to lighten up. Following the letter of the law is one thing, but forcibly taking the creativity out of the game seems over the top. It's all in good fun.

The next time he does it, however, the Vikings could be assessed a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. That's what concerns Allen most.

""I wouldn't be too mad, but it's the 15 yards that really get you," he said. "It's the penalty. The fine? I'll eat the money."

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