Moss didn't leave Patriots in style

Randy Moss clearly didn't want to play in New England without an extension, and he said so at the start of the season. Now we know he was a disruption in the locker room.

Randy Moss didn't exactly go out in style when he was traded from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday. His entire season has been one long plea to get out of town, brought on by his anger over the Patriots' decision not to offer him an extension.

The rumors had been swirling all day, but really, it was only a matter of time and the right trading partner. Moss made it clear he was going to throw a wrench into the works after the season opener when he went into a postgame news conference to say he expected this year to be his last in New England. It's almost certain his play would have diminished over time.

You just don't do that, not in professional sports, where players can be expected to hold out for more money but should never let it disrupt the continuity in the locker room or on the field.

Now we hear from former Patriot Tedy Bruschi that Moss was spoiling the atmosphere on the team, much as he did during his unhappy two-year run with the Oakland Raiders.

"What I'm hearing now is that in the locker room there are some players frustrated with Randy," Bruschi said via USA Today. "He's saying the right things, doing the right things in front of the media. But inside that locker room he's turning into the same player he was toward the end of his time in Oakland."

And Mike Reiss of reports that Moss and quarterbacks coach Bill O'Brien had a heated exchange at halftime of the Patriots' Monday night win over the Miami Dolphins. One player described the incident to Reiss as "an outburst." O'Brien calls the team's offensive plays.

When asked about being held without a reception in the game, Moss retorted, "It's called a game plan."

Moss, of course, spent his first seven seasons in the league with the Vikings, so if and when things become unhinged in Minnesota, they can't say they didn't know it would happen.

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