Kevin Kolb will start again for Eagles

Eagles coach Andy Reid says Kevin Kolb will start again next week, avoiding a QB controversy in Philly. But what happens when Michael Vick is ready to play?

Naturally, Andy Reid wasn't making any solid promises about his starting quarterback next week, unless there really is someone named Michael Kolb whom he has stashed away.

The good news for the Philadelphia Eagles – and especially for Reid, their head coach – is that he probably won't have to make a decision about whether to start Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick on Sunday at Tennessee.

"There's a pretty good chance Kevin's the guy this week," Reid said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

So, for the moment, there's no quarterback controversy in Philly. Vick, who took Kolb's job while Kolb was nursing a concussion, is still feeling discomfort from torn cartilage in his ribs. So Kolb, who was injured in the season opener but has been scintillating in relief of Vick the past two weeks, is still in.

"If (Vick) had to play today, he wouldn't be able to play," Reid said. "He'd be able to practice a little bit, but he's not obviously full speed yet."

Certainly, another big game by Kolb would throw the quarterback situation into a mess. Reid gave the job to Vick based on three exceptional performances after Kolb was knocked out, and he was criticized for the move in some circles because he had promised Kolb would regain his job.

Here's what Kolb has done the past two weeks: 21 of 31 passing for 253 yards against the San Francisco 49ers, and 23 of 29 for 326 yards and three touchdowns against the Atlanta Falcons. His passer ratings were 103.3 and 133.6, respectively. The Eagles (4-2) won both games.

If Kolb feels a sense of vindication, he isn't saying so. But Reid conceded the quarterback was unhappy when he lost his job after being promised he would keep it.

"I can't tell you he was real happy with me when I made that move," Reid said. "... I wasn't like the most popular guy in his life at that particular time. But you would have never known that when he left my office."

However, it remains to be seen how Kolb will react if he pitches another good game against the Titans and finds that Vick is healthy and ready to play after the bye week – and then gets the start against the Indianapolis Colts on Nov. 7.

Interviewed Monday on ESPN's SportsCenter, Kolb said he wasn't prepared to answer any questions about that.

"I'm not getting into that," he said. "I think it's Mike and (my) duty to do our best to make the decision as hard as possible and keep trying to play as good as possible. Wherever (Reid) goes, that's what we'll believe in."

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