Report: Wilf almost fired Childress

Vikings coach Brad Childress didn't run his decision to waive Randy Moss past team owner Zyfi Wilf. An angry Wilf almost fired Childress and kept Moss, according to a report.

Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress was so intent on getting rid of Randy Moss this week that he apparently ignored team protocol and failed to discuss placing Moss on waivers with club owner Zygi Wilf. That little violation almost cost Childress his job – and the irony is that if Childress had been fired, Moss would have stayed.

That's what Ed Werder of ESPN is reporting, saying that Moss' name did not appear on the waiver wire because Wilf was livid with Childress – reaching a point where he considered dismissing the coach.

Childress has three years left on his contract, but his team has a 2-5 record and it now appears he doesn't have the full support of his boss.

"My sense doesn't make any difference," Childress said when he was asked if he believes Wilf supports him. "You'd have to speak to him on that. We've always communicated very well and I haven't seen any change on that."

Werder said Wilf, who lives in New Jersey, spent most of the week watching practices and meeting one on one with Vikings players. One player told ESPN he thought Wilf was trying to determine how much support Childress has with veteran players. He also wanted to remind players they were still playoff contenders.

Moss angered a number of teammates last Sunday when he offered kind words to his former coaches and teammates with the New England Patriots and second-guessed Childress and the Vikings staff. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that Moss went to Wilf after the game, a 28-18 loss, and encouraged him to fire Childress.

With the Vikings playing a home game Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, Childress said he expects a critical reception from fans.

"I'm not crazy enough to think there won't be catcalls," he said. "That's part of the deal. That happens every time I walk on or off a field."

He'll get the message, loud and clear, that regardless of how Wilf feels, he likely doesn't have the support of Vikings fans.

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