Hill says Pats tried to break his arm

Lions quarterback Shaun Hill says a second-quarter sneak fell short of a touchdown Thursday but almost results in a broken arm, thanks to the Patriots.

The trouble with all those players piled on top of each at the end of a play is that someone is liable to get hurt. Or have his arm broken.

Detroit Lions quarterback Shaun Hill said someone was trying to do just that – break his arm – on a play in the second quarter of Thursday's Thanksgiving Day game against the New England Patriots.

According to MLive.com, Hill tried a quarterback sneak from the Patriots' 2-yard line in the second and extended his arms to try and reach the goal line. That's when he felt another player trying to snap his left arm like a wishbone.

Hill fumbled the ball but was ruled down by contact.

"That's why I eventually gave up the ball," he said. "Somebody was down there (in the pile) literally trying to break my arm, which is already broken. Literally, trying. And, uh, y'know, I guess wasn't seen (by the officials)."

The Lions scored on the next play but lost the game 45-24. Afterward, Hill said he had no problem with the call, even though starter Matthew Stafford is already out because of injury and the last thing the team needs is another quarterback standing on the sideline.

"I loved the call," Hill said. "Absolutely loved it. I have no qualms about running that play – one-armed or whatever. I loved the call."

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