Kyle Shanahan disputes McNabb agent comments

After Donovan McNabb's agent made some inflammatory statements about his client and the Redskins coaches, offensive coordinator called the QB to check them out. Shanahan says McNabb distanced himself from the comments. So maybe all is well again. Or maybe not.

Players often like to let their agents do their talking for them, and it's possible that's what happened when Donovan McNabb's representative, Fletcher Smith, ripped into the Washington Redskins recently for demoting his client.

But publicly – or at least in a conversation with ‘Skins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan – McNabb is wiping his hands of his agent's statements.

It doesn't mean McNabb will be exchanging Christmas gifts with Shanahan or his father, coach Mike Shanahan, but we can assume they're on the same page when it comes to Smith's comments.

Among other things, Smith said the relationship between the quarterback and his coaches is "an extremely difficult relationship to maintain." He also said the demotion of McNabb to third string was "beyond disrespectful."

According to Jason Reid of the Washington Post, Kyle Shanahan said, "I called Donovan on the phone, mentioned I wanted to have a conversation with him to find out what this was all about. And when I talked to Donovan (on Thursday), he said he didn't say any of that. I'm like, ‘Well yeah, your agent did, which to me is you.' And he said he didn't agree with any of that, those words didn't come out of his mouth, he didn't tell his agent that stuff. So all I can go off is what Donovan tells me. And we've never had a confrontation all year, never had an argument, everything's been good. So it is kind of really a different situation to hear that stuff. But when I cleared it up with him, I've got to go with the reality of what the two guys it's between talk about."

So that settles that. Or at least until the next ugly disagreement between McNabb and the Shanahans.

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