Brandon Marshall wants the ball

Brandon Marshall is having a so-so season with the Dolphins, so he'd like to see the team open things up and get him the ball. But he's not unhappy he went to Miami.

Brandon Marshall might be one of the league's best receivers, but like most talented wideouts, he can be awfully demanding. Don't get him the ball enough and you've got a problem on your hands.

Marshall's first season with the Miami Dolphins, for whom he was expected to be a big-play receiver, has been largely underwhelming. After catching at least 100 passes the past three seasons with the Denver Broncos, he has 81 with the Dolphins. His touchdowns have fallen from 10 last season to two.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Marshall said he's "not sure" he can work with quarterback Chad Henne in the future. But at least he seems open to trying.

"We had some opportunities this year to do that and we didn't get it done," Marshall said, "so I guess we have to evaluate what we did this year and see what we can improve on. See if we can become good before we can become great."

Marshall never mentioned Henne by name, but in last Sunday's loss to the Detroit Lions, he could be seen throwing out his arms at Henne after two interceptions and pointing at backup Tyler Thigpen, perhaps indicating he wanted a QB change.

Marshall also seemed to imply that the play calling by offensive coordinator Dan Henning wasn't to his liking.

"You just have to let it go," he said. "Don't worry about the consequences, just throw it up and see what happens. Let's live and die by it."

It hasn't been a good season in Miami. Coach Tony Sparano is on the hot seat, and now Marshall is unhappy. But while Marshall's exit from Denver was hastened by a bad relationship with his coaches, that isn't the case with the Dolphins.

"I've never been around a coach who gives me goose-bumps in a team meeting during a week of practice ... before football season even starts," he said of Sparano. "His ability to motivate is amazing. I'm glad they brought me here."

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