Davis Joins the KJ Fan Club

Following up on Hot News posted yesterday, our friends at TheSportsXchange provide some additional insight into Kevin Johnson's status on the Browns. Listening to Butch Davis, it appears that any KJ rumors you happened to hear should be ignored. Davis says he's a member of the KJ Fan Club, and that the team has no desire to see him leave.

Kevin Johnson trade rumors seem to spring up like weeds in Cleveland.

Every year, Johnson is going somewhere. Allegedly.

One year the Browns talked about trading him to Kansas City. The Saints then made overtures. Then last August Johnson's contract extension negotiations bogged down and the team gave him permission to work out a deal on his own. He signed an extension the next day.

The latest rumor had the Jets interested in Johnson as a possible replacement for Laveranues Coles, who signed a lucrative free agent deal in Washington.

Problem is the Browns were never trying to trade Johnson. Nor do they want to.

Yet the rumors keep coming up anyway.

And they do in part because the perception exists that Johnson is not Butch Davis' kind of receiver. Since being in Cleveland, Davis has drafted Quincy Morgan and Andre Davis in the second round -- after he inherited a team with Johnson on it.

Morgan and Davis are big receivers with speed.

Johnson is viewed as a little guy with average speed.

Put the picture together and Davis does not seem enamored with Johnson.

Until you ask the coach.

Asked if he likes Johnson, Davis replied emphatically: "Absolutely."

"You know what I like about him?" Davis said. "He catches the football better than just about anybody in this league."

He continued.

"Here's another thing I like about Kevin Johnson," Davis said. "He more than anybody on that team understands where I'm coming from, and he understands if you want to be a great player in this league -- not just for the Browns but for everybody -- you become the complete player. You just can't be the guy who catches 65 to 95 balls and six touchdowns, you become an excellent blocker.

"The thing I like about Kevin Johnson is that when you challenge and tell him this is something you need to do, he will work at it and try to do it."

Davis said much of William Green's success the second half of last season was due to blocking contributions from Johnson and Morgan. Johnson still led the team in receiving for the fourth year in a row, but Davis said he liked the little things Johnson did to help the team.

"I want guys who will be team players, who will make sacrifices," Davis said. "And he's willing to do it."

There's no telling if Johnson will be in Cleveland the next 10 years. The Browns would have to listen to any trade offer for him, and if it included a first-round draft pick it might be hard to turn down.

But this much is clear: Davis does not sound like a coach who wants to get rid of Johnson.


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