Mike Brown: I'm not trading Palmer

Carson Palmer has threatened to retire if he's not traded, but Bengals owner Mike Brown insists it won't happen. He thinks Palmer will eventually change his mind.

If quarterback Carson Palmer held out the slightest hope he might get his wish and be traded by the Cincinnati Bengals, owner Mike Brown dashed it Monday at the NFL owners meetings in New Orleans.

Despite threats by Palmer that he would retire if he's not traded, Brown told the team's web site, Bengals.com, and the Cincinnati Enquirer that there are no plans to find a trade partner.

"Carson is our principal option. ... We don't know how that is going to end up," Brown said. "It's a very big question to be answered. If answered right, our chances will be pretty good. We'll try to get it answered right ... I hope he comes back and plays the way he can play. I think he's a top quarterback. I haven't talked to any other team about him and I have no plans to trade him."

That clearly won't sit well with Palmer, who has played for the Bengals for eight seasons but has played on just two winning teams. The Bengals were 4-12 this season.

Palmer has made several requests to be traded and has even put up his home for sale, but Brown has refused to budge. Now it remains to be seen if Palmer will make good on his vow to retire, despite the fact he's just 31 years old.

In fact, Brown seems to believe Palmer will reconsider at some point.

"I've seen any number of players who at one point didn't want to re-enlist, come back and play, and be quite happy about it," Brown said. "It just depends how it goes. As far as getting value, I don't see any opportunity to get what I consider value and having said that, it doesn't make any sense to look to trade. It only makes sense to wait and hope Carson comes around."

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