Aaron Maybin to the Jets

Newly-minted New York Jets outside linebacker Aaron Maybin can't wait to prove himself after a rough start to his NFL career.

The former Buffalo Bills first-round draft pick has zero sacks in two NFL seasons with only 24 tackles.

"I don't want anything given to me," Maybin told reporters in remarks distributed by the Jets. "I'll put my hardhat on every day and I want to earn everything I get from this organization. Whenever you hear anybody talk about the Jets organization, they talk about family, they talk about commitment, they talk about loyalty.

"They talk about so many of the things that as a player you look for in an organization. Myself on the outside looking, with an opportunity to choose where it was I wanted to go, put my checklist up there, and those are the attributes I was looking for. It ended up being a perfect fit."

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