The Titians are missing Chris Jonson

The Tennessee Titans are still missing their star running back. All-Pro runner Chris Johnson's holdout is up to four weeks.

He wants to be one of the highest paid offensive players in the game.

And the Titans want to make him one of the highest paid running backs in the game.

"Chris needs to be here," Titans coach Mike Munchak told the Tennessean. "He needs reps. Does he need six weeks of reps? No, he does not. But he needs time just to get used to the system again, to get his feet under him. "We were hoping to have him here for that third and fourth game so he can get some of the kinks out of his system, because no matter how special you are it is hard to step in and play at that level without having an injury problem. Hopefully, we can get this thing worked out."

So, what's the answer? Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk thinks Johnson should make top dollar.

"What Chris Johnson means to that organization is comparable to what quarterbacks mean to other franchises around the league, and that's something that should be considered," Faulk said. "How should he be paid? I believe he should be paid in between running-back money and this franchise-quarterback money that's being tossed around, I really do.

"Chris Johnson is an elite player. He's asking the Titans to pay him not like a player at his position, but a player of his stature. He definitely has a case. There is no doubt he has a case."

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