Gholston points blames Jets for his failure

Former New York Jets first-round outside linebacker bust Vernon Gholston pointed the finger at his old team. With zero sacks in 48 games, the current Chicago Bears reserve said Jets coach Rex Ryan never believed in him and didn't give him a fair chance

"I heard how he was perceiving me before the draft, before he knew me, and I was the same way, I wasn't hoping for him to be [my] first coach of the Jets when I was there, either," Gholston told the New York Post.

"Being a first-round pick, you would have hoped for more [of a chance]."

"Rex made a comment to me when he first came in that he thought I wasn't liked by the guys on the team, then once he got there he saw that wasn't the case. Those perceptions kind of determine the outcome, and it's sad to say."

Gholston went on to say that Ryan showed favoritism to former Baltimore Ravens like linebacker Bart Scott.

"Whenever you have a new coach, you hope everything's fair," Gholston said. "But obviously, he was in Baltimore for a number of years and has a passion for those guys."

Bottom line: Gholston has failed in the NFL so far. He should look at himself in the mirror instead of pointing the finger at his coaches and passing the buck.

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