Tebow thanks fans

In the wake of Denver Broncos fans wanting him to take over as the starting quarterback so much that they plan to put up an expensive billboard lobbying the team to play him, quarterback Tim Tebow is thankful. However, the former Heisman Trophy winner made no complaints about his situation and would prefer they donate the $10,000 to his charitable foundation instead.

"Well, I guess I appreciate the support, you know, but we got people in charge here that we trust and trust they're going to do the right thing," Tebow told reporters. "I've seen a lot of billboards and I can't remember one that really influenced me." The Broncos have already declared that Kyle Orton will remain the starter after fumbling during the fourth quarter of a loss to the Oakland Raiders.

"If decisions were made based on one week, I'd have been outta here after my first start!" Broncos executive John Elway wrote on his Twitter account. "Right now we feel like Kyle Orton gives us our best chance. Even the staff before us felt that way," Broncos coach John Fox said. "I think he'll improve this week, and I expect him to. Right now, he's our starting quarterback. There's no question about that."

Orton said it doesn't bother him that people are clamoring for him to be benched.

"I just look at it like I don't care," Orton said. "(Fox's) opinion and my teammates' opinions will always be the ones that matter." For more coverage of the NFL, go to profootball.scout.co

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