Eric Kettani ordered to return to the Navy

New England Patriots running back Eric Kettani was ordered by the Navy to return to serve on his Navy ship in Jacksonville on Friday, denying his request for leave, according to his agent, Ed Brown. The Navy stated as a reason for not granting Kettani's request that it's a time of war. Previously, the Air Force and Army had granted leave requests for Chad Hall and Caleb Campbell.

If the request had been granted, Kettani would have had to serve five years, two times his 2 1/2 year service commitment.

"As our nation is at war, it is important to ensure we maintain our commitment to the nation's defense," the Navy stated to Kettani in a letter. "As such, a release from active duty would be inconsistent with that effort. I appreciate your Patriotism and service to our nation and encourage you to pursue your goal to play professional football after completion of your service in the Navy."

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