NFLPA: WR/DB Rankings - Day One

A look at who stood out in WR-DB one on ones in the first day of the NFL PA game.


1. Lavasier Tuinei - Oregon
Tuinei, one of the stars of this year's Rose Bowl, carried over his strong performance to here, where he was one of the most impressive players on the field regardless of position. He's a big kid at 6'5, 215-lbs and is smooth enough and quick enough to create separation and he caught the ball consistently as well. He could be the first player drafted out of this game.

2. Damarlo Belcher - Indiana
Belcher, like Tuniei, has a nice frame at 6'5. He's a little thinner than Tuinei, but he made a couple great plays in practice including one in traffic that he snatched out of the air between two defenders and raced to the end zone on. His forty time will be big for his draft stock, as speed seems to be the quickest question.

3. Keith Nichol - Michigan State
In positional work, Nichol ran crisp routes and caught the ball well. In one on ones, he had some issues with footing, but I like him as a possession guy because he catches the ball well and is a good route runner. Like Belcher, a good time will help him.

4. Jared Green - Southern
Green had a nice day. I thought he was the most sudden and quick of the receivers out there and that allowed him to create separation. There were a couple tougher catches he didn't come down with that would have elevated him up the list, but I thought he was the top "small school" performer on day one.

5. Taylor Embree - UCLA
Embree has good size and runs pretty well for a bigger receiver. He's a smooth route runner and was consistently there as an open target for receivers on day one.

6. Nelson Rosario - UCLA
Another big Bruins receiver who was able to get deep a couple times on day one. Not bad athletically for a bigger guy and he's a guy I want to see more of this week.

8. LaQuinton Evans - Southern
Another Southern Jaguar and another bigger receiver, but Evans is pretty smooth, pretty fluid for a bigger guy and showed nice, soft hands on a couple passes he was able to pluck out of the air.


1. Richard Crawford - SMU
Crawford was the quickest of the corners. He has good feet and ability to change directions. He's not the biggest guy, but has pretty good ball skills and came away with a number of interceptions and pass breakups. He was a little overagressive at times and got beat on double moves a few times as a result, but he had a really good first day. The question there is size.

2. Cameron Chism - Maryland
Chism would have gotten the nod over Crawford, but Crawford made a few more plays on the ball. As prospects though, I'd rate Chism a little higher because he's bigger and more physical. He also showed pretty good make-up speed, particularly on a deep ball he was initially beat on but recovered to make a great break-up.

3. Jonte Green - New Mexico State
He's a good athlete with decent size and good speed. He's not quite as quick in his change of direction as the two guys ahead of him here, but he's good in a straight line and had tight coverage for most of the day.

4. Eddie Whitley - Virginia Tech
A safety prospect who showed solid ball skills and ability to play one on one coverage.

5. Laron Scott - Georgia Southern
Not a real big guy, but had a good day. He ran well with receivers and did a good job of squeezing them to the sideline and using it as a second defender.

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