My Favorite Martin

Find out more about Boise State's fantastic running back who could become a first-round pick in this April's draft.

When most football fans think of the Boise State Broncos, the term "BCS Buster" immediately comes to mind. Although never having an opportunity to play in a national championship game, the Broncos will forever be remembered for their thrilling 43-42 2007 Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma.

That Fiesta Bowl game officially put the Broncos on the map as they used a series of trick plays including a "Hook-and-Lateral" as well as a "Statue of Liberty." Including that magical 2006 campaign, the Broncos have won 73 of their last 79 games and have done so in impressive fashion.

The Broncos explosive offense is almost as well renowned as their dark blue turf and everyone knows about their signal caller Kellen Moore, who has become the winningest quarterback in NCAA history.

"It's an awesome accomplishment," Broncos running back Doug Martin said of the team's success over the past four seasons. "You have to tip your hat to Kellen Moore and the program overall. We've come a long way."

Although Moore was breaking passing records, the team's best professional prospect lined up right beside Kellen in running back Doug Martin.

Although Ian Johnson is currently the most famous Boise State running back after his game-winning two-point conversion in the aforementioned Fiesta Bowl followed by his marriage proposal to the lucky Broncos cheerleader, Doug Martin will likely have the more prosperous career. Martin has prototypical size at 5-foot-9, 215 pounds, and runs hard between the tackles. His spin move was the best in college football and he can catch the ball out of the backfield.

"I'm a violent runner but also elusive. I like to call myself crafty," Martin explained.

Despite being in primarily a pass-first offense, Martin has run for over 2,500 yards over the past two seasons with 32 touchdowns. The Stockton, California native has been compared to some of the NFL's best running backs.

"I'm hearing Maurice Jones-Drew, I'm hearing Ray Rice, I respect the game a lot," Martin said when asked of who he's compared to. "I compare myself to Ray Rice and someone said Jonathan Stewart, being a big, powerful back that's elusive at the same time."

There is a certain stigma about players from non-BCS conferences, even if they are at a program as successful as Boise State. This stigma has helped keep Martin motivated.

"I'm here to prove I can play with the big boys and that's what I'm going to do," a confident Martin said.

"You always have that chip on your shoulder and they say if you don't have a chip you better find one....I'm a hard worker and I never had any problem with coaches or teammates. My work ethic is sky high and I'm always willing to get better. Every day I do get better."

Doug Martin hopes to be just the third player from Boise State to be selected in the first round, and if he continues his great start here at the Senior Bowl that dream will likely turn into reality.

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