Playing Tall In Mobile

Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore may not be the prototypical quarterback size, but he has credentials that some team will bite on. Find out what motivates him and which playoff quarterback he compares favorably to.

"He just wins games."

That is the statement most commonly used to describe a certain quarterback when there's no other reason to explain why his team is on the victorious end more often than not.

There's a certain left-handed quarterback at the Senior Bowl with a skill set that doesn't appear to fit in the conventional world of the National Football League. His name is Kellen Moore, and "he just wins games."

"I think my game translates (to the next level) well," Moore confidently said. "I think more and more you're realizing that there's a lot of different ways to play quarterback."

Although Moore didn't bring any BCS National Championships to Boise State, he did finish with one more undefeated season than Tim Tebow ever did at Florida. Moore didn't win the Heisman but he shattered every Broncos passing record and threw for a minimum of 3,400 yards in each of his four seasons with 142 touchdown passes and just 28 interceptions.

Many will knock the level of competition that Moore played against, but he and his Broncos finished a perfect 7-0 against BCS schools.

"It's an awesome accomplishment," Broncos running back Doug Martin said of the team's success over the past four seasons. "You have to tip your hat to Kellen Moore and the program overall. We've come a long way."

Kellen Moore doesn't pass the eye test. His 5-foot-11 inch, 190 pound frame, looks more like that of a high school student than an NFL quarterback. Through two Senior Bowl practices he has struggled with arm strength and timing and if you were watching him for the first time you'd think he would have a better shot at becoming your favorite teams ball boy than quarterback.

"I'm not concerned about all that," Moore explained when asked about his lack of prototypical size and arm strength. "At the end of the day I'm going to get an opportunity and I'm going to try and make the most of it."

When Tim Tebow performed in the Senior Bowl just two seasons ago, he was a big, strong good-looking young man that was followed by a media entourage that would make the President of the United States jealous. On the field, he couldn't take a snap from center, had terrible footwork, the worst throwing motion anyone has seen and struggled with accuracy and arm strength. Tim Tebow looked more like an underwear model than he did a quarterback. Still, one man believed in him and he led his team to a playoff victory in his first season as a starter.

"There's a lot of different ways to play quarterback in the NFL and be successful," Moore explained. "There are teams that mostly line up in shotgun every play and run different types of offenses. All of us here have taken snaps under center and we're versatile."

Kellen Moore isn't Tim Tebow but he's shown all of the positive attributes that Tebow embodies that has made him successful. Moore is very intelligent, a great leader and has experienced success against some of best competition the NCAA has had to offer. Tim Tebow has been labeled as a winner and Kellen Moore has won even more than him.

If a team is going to give Tebow a shot despite his unconventional shortcomings they ought to do the same for Moore. What do they have to lose, all he does is win, right?

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