Mizzou TE On Senior Bowl

The lone representative from Missouri in the Senior Bowl, tight end Michael Egenew talks about what he's trying to prove and more here:

Missouri senior tight end Michael Egnew has one big goal in mind that he wants to accomplish while in Mobile, Ala., for the Senior Bowl.

"I'm just trying to get grimey," Egnew said jokingly.

So far, the 6-foot-5, 250 pound TE measured in as the biggest prospect in his position group in Mobile, and has been trying to use that frame to his advantage.

"One of the best parts is being coached by these awesome coaches," Egnew said of the Redskins coaching staff. "Coach Johnson, is the tight end coach here and I am just trying to soak up everything I can while I am here."

And what has Egnew learned from the coaching staff so far?

"Coach Johnson keeps reiterating my blocking steps and everything," Egnew said. "Because I come from a spread offense so just getting used to that."

But Egnew is enjoying his experience at the Senior Bowl for more than just the time spent on the gridiron.

"It's been fun," Egnew said. "It's an honor to get out here and play with these guys from other schools, and play with these coaches."

And while the standout tight end is doing just that, there are a few things that he will take with him from Missouri.

"Coach used to always tell me if is to be it is up to me," Egnew said.

So he learned, that no matter what – he's got to do one thing.

"Just work as hard as I can," Egnew said. "That is all you can do and show them I am willing to win."

Something he hopes to prove to the array of NFL scouts during his time in Mobile.

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