Senior Bowl Q&A: Bradie Ewing

Wisconsin fullback Bradie Ewing is determined to prove he belongs in the NFL. And the Badgers' Special Teams Player of the Year and Academic All-Big Ten Conference selection has been working to leave an impression on the NFL brass this week heading into today's Senior Bowl. Ewing provided a lot of versatility for Wisconsin as a tough lead blocker, runner, receiver and special-teams contributor.

We caught up with Bradie Ewing for the following interview prior to kickoff:

Scout: How has this week gone for you?

Ewing: "I think it's been good. Coming in, I didn't know what to expect. It's exceeded my expectations Monday and had a good practice in shoulder pads and helmets. It was good to compete with the first-class talent and realize you fit in. It's been a good week. I learned a lot of stuff. I was exposed to some great players and great guys. It was fun."

Scout: What kind of feedback did you get from NFL teams?

Ewing: "I think overall it was good. Obviously, I can get better in the pass protection. In the one-on-one drills with linebackers, I'm working on my hand placement with my blocks. They like my athletic ability. They said I have good hands."

Scout: What do you want to show the NFL?

Ewing: "I'd like to stay true to myself, stay true to the type of player I am, show I'm a hard-working, accountable, dependable, all-around player, a fullback that can block, catch the ball. Hopefully, I can continue to show that and make an impression."

Scout: Did you meet with many teams? Did any meetings stick out to you?

Ewing: "I did meet with several teams, 15 to 20."

Scout: How important are the interviews with the teams in your opinion?

Ewing: "That's one of my stroing points is being able to communicate with them and show what type of person I am and what I can bring to their locker room and team. One of my strong points is what I bring to the table off the field."

Scout: Did you do some charity work this week?

Ewing: "We had a Fellowship of Christian Athletes rally with local high schools and interacted with the kids a little bit and shared stories. We're also going to the Children's hospital. These are great opportunities to use the platform the Lord has given us."

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