Feuding Colts issue another statement

Prompted by yet another dispute with star quarterback Peyton Manning over his medical status after Manning's doctor said he's been cleared to play and owner Jim Irsay said that he hasn't passed the team physical, the Indianapolis Colts have issued yet another statement

"Peyton Manning, Jim Irsay and the entire Colts family remain close and unified as we continue to work through all the options that relate to his future with the Colts. The present focus is on the Super Bowl and the great game that awaits." In the e-mailed statement, the Colts included a photo of Manning, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Irsay at a party this week.

It included the following caption: "A good time was had by all at the Colts party Thursday night."

Here's our story from last night on the situation: The plot continues to thicken as Indianapolis Colts star quarterback Peyton Manning and owner Jim Irsay appear to be inching closer to divorce. Shortly after Manning's surgeon, Dr. Robert Watkins, issued a statement that the former Super Bowl winning quarterback has been cleared medically, Irsay refuted that declaration via his favorite form of communication: his Twitter account.

Watkins said Manning is "medically cleared to play professional football."

And Irsay wrote: "Peyton has not passed our physical nor has he been cleared to play for The Indianapolis Colts. Team statement coming on Friday."

The Colts owe Manning a $28 million bonus on March 8. They are not expected to pay that bonus due to Manning's surgically-repaired neck.

So, Manning is likely to try to relaunch his NFL career elsewhere, perhaps with the Arizona Cardinals or the Washington Redskins.

The question remains out there: Will Manning's nerves recover to the point where he can throw the football consistently without issues?

Manning has made it abundantly clear that he has no intentions of retiring and has expressed confidence that he'll play again.

So, the stalemate continues between the four-time NF Most Valuable Player and the Colts organization.

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