IMG Day 2: Keep Feet Low, Eyes Up

So what is it like to train for the NFL combine? Well, I found out at the IMG Performance Institute in Bradenton, Florida. For four days, I trained with the combine prep group, and tested if I had what it takes to succeed.

So I made it through the first day of training for the NFL combine. But what would day two hold? A lot more physical exertion, and plenty of learning experiences.

Day two started off bright and early, 7AM with IMG Director of Movement Loren Seagrave and six of the guys training for the combine in a film session to break down 40's.

Using a pretty neat software called DartFish, Seagrave went through the likes of Russell Wilson, Mohammed Sanu, Stephen Hill, Kirk Cousins 40 yard dashes -- taking down the speed into slow motion.


"You can even teach a plow horse how to run," Seagrave told the class. "He may not win the Kentucky Derby, but he can run."

Looking at measurements of angles, foot lengths, and stride lengths all of the participants got one-on-one attention about how to improve their times.

After that, we moved to the movement session, led by Seagrave.

This one I participated in, with the lineman group -- together we warmed up and ran "fly 20s". A drill where you run the first part of the 40 yard dash as a progression, and sprint the last twenty yards -- and get videoed.

The good news? I wasn't the slowest person.


Next up? Off to the field to check out some position drills.

The three groups, skill players (QBs, WR), bigs (OL, DL, and RBs), and backs (LBs and DBs) all came to the field at slightly different times.

I wouldn't consider one of my strengths to be my agility, or fast feet -- I mean I ran the half-mile, which doesn't exactly require that skill set.

Over the next few hours I jumped into jugs drills with the linebackers, agility drills with the defensive lineman, and got to catch up with Super Bowl Champion and New York Giants Mark Herzlitch.

Before I knew it, it was time to head into the weight room -- where I was going to try my hand at some power lifting.

Thanks to Scott Gadeken and the staff in the weight room I worked out with the combine guys, doing all the same exercises (with less weight, of course)

What I learned? Training for the combine is all about explosion.

It was legs day, and I worked on power clings, verticals, and explosive back squats.

And I'll be honest, I was feeling the lactic acid buildup before I left the room.

It's obvious that combine training whips these prospects into shape at the IMG Performance Institute.

Today several things became very apparent. First, keep your feet low to the ground, and keep your head up. Second, all you need is a little bit, because it adds up.

In training, and in life these two phrases are some everyone should live by -- but especially if your training for the NFL combine.

Day two was in the books -- wonder what Day three will bring my way? Let's do this.

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