Martin Makes Big Statement

If you didn't know who Stanford offensive lineman Jonathan Martin was before Thursday – chances are his bold declaration at the NFL scouting combine might have changed that.

One question stands out from Thursday's NFL scouting combine. And it was something that Stanford offensive lineman Jonathan Martin had a bold answer for.

Who is the best offensive tackle in the draft?

"I am without a doubt," Martin said. "As a competitor, you've got to think you're the best. Matt Kalil is a tremendous player, but I think I'm better than he is."

The comparisons will go on, between Martin and USC's Kalil, who are familiar Pac-12 foes – so Martin took the liberty to do a bit of it himself.

‘"I just think all around, I'm a better player," Martin said. "But he, in his own right, is a really good player."

He added: "We're in similar offenses, I've watched him a lot on film. So I've definitely learned some things from him the last couple years."

Martin's confidence comes from several different places.

"I believe in myself as a player," Martin said. "It's nothing cocky about it. It's just how I approach my game when I'm preparing for an event like this."

He continued: "I'm an athletic tackle, I'm smart, I don't make many mistakes, and that's helped me a lot the last couple years."

Another thing that has helped Martin become so confident, is being potential number one pick, Andrew Luck's right-hand man.

"You're definitely conscious that you have a potential number one pick and potential Heisman winner in the backfield for two years," Martin said.

Martin also knows that playing in Stanford's balanced offense will help him succeed in an NFL scheme.

"We were pretty balanced," Martin said. "About 60-40 run to pass, and pro-style offense, so it helped."

And speaking of balanced, Martin knows he's a pretty complete blocker.

"I think I can play any position," Martin said. "Wherever a coach wants me, I'll be ready to play. I've had a couple calls about playing right tackle, but I'm open to anything."

Something else Martin hopes to showcase at the combine is his football I.Q. – something that the Cardinal offense taught him.

"I learned how to work and absorb a playbook," Martin said. "Because our playbook was probably more advanced than some NFL playbook's. So, just how to process all that and prepare weekly game-plans."

As the NFL Combine continues, Martin is not taking part in all the events.

"I'm not doing lifting or field drills." Martin said of his combine plans. "I was sick the last couple days."

He continued, "Just a little food poisoning. I don't remember what it was. Something I ate in Arizona."

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