Manning and Cardinals meeting today

Peyton Manning is meeting with Arizona Cardinals team officials today. According to the Associated Press, Manning arrived with Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt with wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald also at the Cardinals' training facility. Manning took his first meeting with the Denver Broncos. That meeting was apparently a very positive one.

The Miami Dolphins have yet to get a meeting and seem to be trailing the Broncos and Cardinals, according to reports.

It's unclear if the Dolphins are going to get a visit or not.

Manning is free to sign with a team at any time and is expected to make his decision before Tuesday, the start of free agency. The Kansas City Chiefs have also expressed interest in Manning.

"He's a four-time MVP, he's a Super Bowl champion," Fitzgerald told reporters. "He's arguably the best quarterback to ever play football. He's a free agent. If he's healthy, I know he's somebody that can help any team that he goes to. I understand the interest. It makes sense."

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