Goodell says Shockey isn't the whistleblower

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made it abundantly clear that NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp was incorrect to call Jeremy Shockey the snitch that launched the NFL investigation into the New Orleans Saints' bounty program.

Shockey and Sapp have been clashing on Twitter about the episode and Shockey has denied being the source for the league.

"I am not as familiar with what is going on," Goodell said. "I have been updated by our staff with respect to Warren's comments. Just like anyone in the media, you are held accountable for your statements and your sources.

"I think I would say to NFL Network staff as well as anyone else: you better be sure of your information before you report it." Goodell declined to reveal the anonymous source.

"First off, you're assuming it was a player?'' Goodell said. "We had several sources on this. We're not disclosing our sources." There are federal laws protecting whistleblowers.

Even though Sapp is an NFL Network employee and was reprimanded and nearly fired, Goodell said he has no supervision of the former NFL defensive lineman.

"That is a decision the NFL Network people are going to have to make," Goodell said. "I have not spent any time focusing on that now – I am in the middle of a league meeting. As soon as I get done, if it comes to me, I will be willing to take a position on it."

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