Scouting the ACC: Wake Forest

The Deamon Deacons broke through with a bowl appearance last season, eventually beating Oregon in the Seattle Bowl. This is a well-coached program which put a player in the first round of April's draft. While we see no prospects of that caliber in 2004, more and more Deacs will hear their names called over the seven rounds.

Most of the talent on offense is of the late round variety with one possible exception. Junior Jason Anderson is a nice sized receiver that improved and become more consistent as the season progressed in 2002. He has the skill and potential to be a late first day pick in the future. 

Guard Tyson Clabo is a fundamentally sound blocker with a good feel for his position but a limited athlete. The wherewithal and hustle he brings gives Clabo a shot as a late round pick. Tackle Mark Moroz was hampered by injury last season but does offer some.

On defense Wake has a number of underrated prospects. Kellen Brantley is a fierce outside linebacker with range and explosion. He seeks out the ball carrier and is a very sudden player. Brantley skills in pass coverage are also solid. 

Likewise, Quintin Williams is a heavy-hitting free safety that leaves opponents stunned with his devastating blows. His cover skills are not bad, though he's best between the hashes and Williams looks better suited for a two-deep cover scheme. Another pair of back-seven defenders that should be charted are outside linebacker Dion Williams and corner Daryl Shaw.

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