David Molk: 'I'm a tough, hard-nosed kid'

Michigan consensus All-American center David Molk is one of the strongest players in the NFL draft, hoisting 225 pounds 41 times in the bench press test at the NFL scouting combine. A four-year starter, the All-Big Ten Conference lineman also won the Rimington Award as the nation's top center.

He started 42 career games and has been graded anywhere from the third round to the fifth round by draft analysts.

The 6-foot-1, 298-pounder chose Michigan over Iowa, Northwestern and Wisconsin.

Molk overcame knee and foot injuries during his career. He underwent surgery to repair a torn peroneal tendon in his right foot from an injury suffered during the Sugar Bowl.

Molk was unable to work out at the NFL scouting combine, but has recovered from his injury and recently had a medical recheck in Indianapolis.

We caught up with Molk recently for the following interview:

Scout: How's the foot doing?

Molk: "I've been rehabbing from the surgery and I'm back 100 percent healed, no restrictions. The Colts' doctor did my surgery?

Scout: How's the draft process going?

Molk: "It's good, but it's long. I'm excited that it will be over soon. It's very redundant."

Scout: What kind of feedback do you get from teams?

Molk: "It's pretty consistent. One of the major issues some teams have is my height. That's the one thing I can't change. At center, my height has always benefited me. I have leverage on anyone. I'm quicker than anyone. There's so many NFL centers that are about my height like Jeff Saturday."

Scout: Has weightlifting always been a big emphasis for you from a young age?

Molk: "Yeah, I was always interested in weightlifting. It's something I took on in high school. I like it because it's a direct competition. There are no outliers, no variables. I can tell if you're better or I'm better. It's like the film, it doesn't lie."

Scout: What's your approach to the draft as far as where you might go?

Molk: "It's out of my control, so I try not to focus on it. I can't affect where I'll go in the NFL."

Did you have a lot of combine interviews?

Molk: "I probably talked to every team. I talked to the Ravens' offensive line coach, Andy Moeller. He was my coach at Michigan my freshman year."

Scout: "How would you grade yourself as far as a scouting report?

Molk: "I'm a good player. I'm a tough, hard-nosed kid, strong and fast. I've got great intelligence for the game."

Scout: Who's the best defensive linemen you've had to block?

Molk: "Definitely Mike Martin, my teammate. He's relentless."

Scout: Will you watch the draft?

Molk: "I won't watch the draft. My dad and I will probably go play golf. It's too monotonous to sit around waiting for a team to draft you. I'll have my phone with me and I'll find out where I'll be going soon enough."

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