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Syracuse All-Big East Conference tight end Nick Provo was a semifinalist for the John Mackey award, catching seven touchdowns last season. He set the Syracuse single-season tight ends record with 51 receptions last season and the Orangemen all-time record with 91 career receptions. He ranks second for receiving yards in a single season and a career for tight ends.

Provo is regarded as a middle to later-round draft target who's ready to play immediately as a pass-catching tight end, particularly well-suited for West Coast offenses.

The 6-foot-3, 237-pounder ran the 40-yard dash between 4.68 and 4.76 seconds at his campus Pro Day workout.

He had a 32-inch vertical leap, a 9-2 broad jump, a 4.43 20-yard shuttle and a 6.97 three-cone drill.

Provo caught eight passes for 85 yards against USC.

Provo caught 33 passes as a junior.

As a high school senior in Palm Beach, Fla., he caught 39 passes for 756 yards and eight touchdowns.

Provo was recently named Syracuse's Most Valuable Player from last season. Provo is making a quick recovery from the shoulder surgery he underwent in December.

"In addition to his elite offensive production over the last two seasons, he was named MVP based on his leadership qualities, exceptional character traits and incredible football IQ," said Provo's agent, Jeffrey Dobin of Athlete Advocates. "While recovering from his shoulder surgery in December, Nick has worked nonstop in rehab and the gym to get back to MVP form. Even though he was a combine invite, he trained as if he was an unranked tight end, proving to team scouts and player personnel that he has the motivation and hunger to succeed.

"Following interviews with multiple teams, I received positive feedback regarding Nick's keen understanding of the West Coast offense and his ability to read defensive schemes. Although there are multiple tight ends available with play making ability, teams seem to be impressed with Nick's maturity and football IQ. We are confident that Nick will make an immediate impact and increase the offensive production of whichever team drafts him this coming weekend."

We caught up with Provo recently for the following interview:

How did your medical recheck in Indianapolis go?
BR> Provo: "Everything went well. All the doctors I talked to, they checked everything out and they all said it looked good, had good strength, good mobility. Mobility is probably the hardest thing to get back after having surgery."

How disappointed were you when they wouldn't let you work out at the NFL scuting combine?

Provo: "It wasn't really about how damaged it was. It felt fine by then. It wasn't as strong as it is now. The thing with the combine was they didn't want to be liable if I did a drill or was running or anything and I fell and hit my shoudler and they would be liable and have to fix it."

What's your level of activity now?

Provo: "I'm doing pretty much everything right now. My physcial therapist doesn't want me putting too much tension on the shoulder, so I'm not doing much benching. That's the last thing you do before you're completely 100 percent. There's no risk in damaging it. I'll be able to do everything at five months, and I'm over four months now. I'm pretty much 100 percent."

How's your route-running going?

Provo: "That's fine. I'm catching balls over my head. I'm stretching out. That's fine, no problems at all. I sleep on it, no problems. The doctors checked out both shoulders and they said the left one looks just as good as my right one."

What kind of football player will an NFL team get with you?

Provo: "They'll get an all-around tight end. I feel like most teams are going to see me as more of a receiving tight end. I hear from some teams that they have a lot of blocking tight ends and they are looking for another tight end to help with the receiving part of the game. Of course, they still see me blocking. That's what a tight end does for an offense. More teams will be looking at me as a receiving tight end."

How did they use you at Syracuse?

Provo: "I pretty much did everything at Syracuse, I lined up in the backfield. I was flexed out, on the line, everywhere, motioning. I did it all at Syracuse.

"I talked to my head coach, Doug Marrone, a little while back and he was saying pretty much I could go into most West Coast offenses and play right away because I would know the offense. I know what I'm doing."

What kind of personality will you bring to the locker room?

Provo: "I feel like I'm pretty easy to get along with. Nobody doesn't like me. I like to laugh and joke around. I'm not too serious. I'm not really a quiet person, just when I first meet people. It takes me a litle while to open up."

How's your brother, Tyler Provo, doing?

Provo: "He's still in high school. He's about to start spring ball. He goes to American Heritage in Delray Beach, Fla. He's ranked as the second-best fullback in the country. He's getting a lot of offers. I've been mentoring him, trying to steer him the right way and make sure he doesn't make the same mistakes I made. He can learn from what I did."

Are you more excited or nervous about the draft?

Provo: "A little of both. I'm excited to finally get to the draft and know where I'm going and get to close to actually play some football again and get on a team. I'm nervous because I don't know what round I'll go in.

"Hopefully, I'll get drafted. I've heard anywhere from fifth to seventh or be a free agent. I don't know what will happen. You never know.

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